Sunday I got up early again because the weather forecast predicted rain around noon and I wanted to make the most of the day before it got wet. Had my breakfast with view to Rialto again. And I have to show you the bathroom of my room as well. It was so small that you couldn’t really use the toilet in the direction you would normally use it. 😀 Knees on the wall. 😀 Walked around towards the train station and then took the metro 😉 (boat) along the Canale Grande back. But I didn’t go all the way to Rialto by boat but leftRead More →

The next morning I had breakfast next to the Rialto bridge and that was really cool. I left the hotel early because I wanted to go to Burano. On the way there I left the boat on the glas-art island Murano first. There are all the glassblowers. I didn’t want to go into one of the big shops where they show you how they work because there were too many people around. I didn’t really want to go with the crowds so I went to the quieter areas. Murano is nice but I prefer Burano by far. Burano is known for it’s colourful houses. ThereRead More →

In June the need to get away got bigger and bigger so I finally booked a long weekend in Venice. It was a bit difficult to book because my first booking was from Thursday to Monday but a few days later both flights were cancelled, the rebooked me to flights that didn’t make a lot of sense but then the flight times changed again. So finally I left friday at noon and the flight home was Sunday at 9 PM. I have to admit that I had tears in my eyes when I finally entered the plane after nearly two years of not flying. OnceRead More →

That was our last day as our flight was early the next morning. The plan was to drive around the Snaefellsness Peninsula, then after the stop at Budir with the black church take the road back to the other side, drive by ‚our house‘ again, take the road back to the other side again and continue. So this is what we did. We stopped at several points during the drive around the head of the peninsula. At Budir we were lucky because obviously there was a wedding at the black church and we were there when the bride and groom arrived. Behind Budir we wentRead More →

That day was the day with the longest driving distance. In the morning there was a rainbow over our whirlpool… 🙂 We left without breakfast. First stop was at Urridafoss for a waterfall photo session. Behind Reykjavik we took the 6 km tunnel below Hvalfjordur and went to Akranes. There is a bakery that had been recommended to us and I have to say the recommendation was justified. So much yummy stuff. Since we were there we went to lighthouse for a photo session and then continued towards Snaefellsness peninsula. We stopped a few times on our way and then we finally reached our houseRead More →

That day we got up early because the weather forecast had promised us that we would see the sun within some clouds. We should have known by then that the forecast keeps lying… 😉 We got up early and went to the diamond beach again. Again high tide but it was receding. I took cool pics but sunrise… ? Nope.. later the sun was visible behind some clouds but nothing like we had hoped for. So we went back to the hotel, had breakfast and afterwards packed our stuff and left. That day we were supposed to go only towards close to Seljalandsfoss where IRead More →

I should probably say that day 8 was diamond beach day… 😉 But to start from the beginning… we left the Viking Cafe after another great breakfast and our first stop was Höfn for a few geocaches because it was …. RAINING. Again… Our plan for the day didn’t involve a lot of driving so we took our time. After Höfn we went to the diamond beach where we found lots of blue icebergs. Some of them were about 3 m high so they were not small. Unfortunately there were a lot of people there so it was rather difficult to take pics without anyRead More →

We spent the entire day at the Vestrahorn. Since we stayed at the Viking Cafe where you buy the tickets to actually be able to go out on the road we got as many tickets as we wanted without having to pay extra. The people working at the Viking Cafe were really great. Very friendly and fun. The breakfast lady made us waffles that were very good and she was funny. And the others were very nice as well. Breakfast was good there as well. In the morning the rain stopped for a while so we went out to try to get pics of theRead More →

After the wonderful breakfast we left Hotel Volcano and since it didn’t rain a lot we decided to pass at Reynisfjara. It is a very impressive beach with waves that are dangerous and I am not going anywhere near as I have too much respect. There are a lot of danger signs there but still people to too close and in the 4th pic you can see people running because the wave came higher than they expected. The ocean is very wild there. The waves might not look high on the pics but they are. People have died there because they went too close andRead More →

Monday morning we finally started our road trip. We got up early, had breakfast, checked out and K. went to her favorite bakery in Reykjavik to get some sweets. Then we were off – in the pouring rain. We were a bit frustrated that it was raining so hard. Our first stop was at a random hot thermal pool which was kind of a lost place. The name is Skydaskalinn. We had seen the sign ‚point of interest‘ on the road and decided to follow it. Interesting but too wet. Next stop was the ‚ghost town‘ Hveralgerdi. Last time I was there there had beenRead More →

That day was originally planned as ‚puffer‘ in case I got stuck in Greenland – which happens sometimes. Since we stayed another night in Reykjavik we went on a tour in the area. The original plan was to go to the volcano first although the weather was not nice and on the webcam we could see that you couldn’t see anything next to the crater. While driving over the first of the many dilemmas started… there are two things in Iceland that are missing: public restrooms along the main roads and parking spaces on nice lookouts to take pics. 😉 So while driving towards theRead More →

The next day I had decided to walk up to Perland – a nature exploration center with a 360° view over Reykjavik and surrounding areas. So I left the hotel after breakfast. Walking up there was nice and the view from the observation deck was wonderful. After I had enough I walked back to the hotel by passing a park and other landmarks. I didn’t overdo it though. In the evening around nine suddenly the fire alarm in the hotel went off. I took my most important things and went outside. When I came down I saw only other guests but nobody from the hotel.Read More →

I know I haven’t added anything in a long time but then there wasn’t anything to write about. With the lockdown and us not being able to travel there was nothing to blog about. But then in July I started to travel again. I will have to add the reports for Venice and Sardinia later. I will start with Iceland. Iceland had been planned a long time ago. Originally I had planned another trip to Greenland first and then since the flights to East Greenland leave from Reykjavik the idea was born to go on a photo trip after my return from Greenland. I hadRead More →