The next morning Marianne comes and gets us. In addition to being a tour guide she drives a taxi so she is driving us to the airport. Our 20 minutes flight to Sorkjosen is uneventful. Anja from Northern Explorers comes and gets us. We drive to the supermarket first to get some supplies for the boat and then we go to the Pa Taket Kafe. I have my first piece of cake (yumm :D) while Claudia and Markus take a walk to explore Sorkjosen. Since I have been there twice before and there is nothing really worth walking over to I stay at the cafeRead More →

Our last day in Tromso – and again we go on tour with Marianne. She simply is the best. 😉 We sleep in a bit again as we came back very late from the aurora tour so instead of 9 we start at 10 AM. We are going towards Sommaroy and once again keep stopping at different places on the southern side ov Kvaloya island. One stop is at Straumen Gård with very old houses again. Then we stop for reindeers, cormorans, we are going for a moose which doesn’t show up though. The beaches on Sommaroy are beautiful and I am sure that theyRead More →

I slept in that morning as we had come back late from the tour and I had been checking my pictures before finally sleeping. The weather was not really great so I decided to go geocaching and I found some nice views over Tromso that way. Later it started to rain. When we were waiting for Marianne for our second Northern lights tour we were wondering if we would see anything. Personally I had major doubts. Marianne told us then that we might have to go over to Finnland. But then we arrived at the ‚Northern lights alley‘ along Lyngenfjord. Suddenly the sky started toRead More →

That day we had a tour with Marianne for the Northern lights. Since the sky was clear we went to the fjords again where we had been the day before. While we were driving we had to watch out and we would stop every now and then so Markus who had the seat in front next to Marianne could take a shot to check if there was green in the sky. We were not too far away from Tromso when we actually had some green on the shot so we stopped to take pics – and boy what a show this was. Pics are allRead More →

The next morning – don’t remember if we slept in. But breakfast was as good as every morning and the sun was out. Claudia and Markus wanted to walk around while my plan was to go over to the Ice cathedral and then go up to the Sky-station. But when I left the hotel I decided that the light was not what I wanted for pics from the Skystation on the mountain so I stayed on ‚our‘ side of the fjord and walked around. And found the perfect spot for Northern lights pictures. The sunlight was fantastic for photography so I stayed out there untilRead More →

That was my first real day in Norway. We got up rather early to have breakfast. And our hotel had a real good buffet! In the afternoon you could go to make wafles – which we did a lot. 🙂 But back to our first day. Before going to Norway I had done a research on small groups for Northern lights tours as two years ago we went with a big bus of about 50 people and I didn’t really want to do that again. Apart from Corona that is just too many people who can disturb your pics and ruin them. So while doingRead More →

Originally I had booked a whale watching trip for November 2020 but it was not possible to go last year so 2021 – new chance… travelling is a challenge though so until I finally boarded the plane in Frankfurt I cancelled, rebooked, cancelled, changed plans… never done it like that before. The original plan had been to go to Kirkenes first and take the Hurtigruten to Tromso from there. But then Covid lasted longer than we had thought a year ago. So in the end I skipped Kirkenes entirely because there were no tours and nothing to do at this time of the year. InsteadRead More →