An alternative to the guided excursion was to take the public bus to Padua which was stopping in front of my hotel. And on saturdays there is a big market in Padua. So I bought tickets in the hotel and took the bus quite early to go there. Since I stepped in at the second stop I had a seat for the 45 minute-trip. I left the bus in the city center and walked in the first church that I had mixed up with the Basilica I was looking for. When I realized that I had chosen the wrong church – Google maps and offRead More →

Before I have to document my next trip I should finish the one from May…. 😀 I had plans to do several excursions to explore the area some more. In the first week I booked a boat tour on the Brenta canal and a visit to Villa Pisani – one of the view old venetian villas that can be visited. We had wonderful weather that day and I met two very nice german ladies with whom I had a lot of fun during that trip. I was thrilled to do this. Along the canal we saw lots of old venetian villas but a lot ofRead More →

Below you find pics I took with my camera in Montegrotto. My hotel was in Tulli – which is just outside of Montegrotto. The owner family of my hotel is rather big and the ‚grandfather‘ (or father) of current owners was a painter (deceased last november). So there are a lot of his paintings in the hotel but my parents told me that he had a house in Tulli where he painted. Must be one of those in my pics. I went into Montegrotto several times. For supermarket, market or just to explore the area. I could see that a lot of shops were finallyRead More →

In May I went to Italy to what I thought would be a ‚training camp‘. Fango cure and exercises as well and I would come home much better than before…. weeeeeeellllll… that trip didn’t really turn out as I had thought. First of all the weather…. I had heard about drought in northern Italy so I didn’t expect that much rain. Three days before I went home I had to switch the room because during the night I heard a plopp… plopp… plopp… water came in through the ceiling and was dropping into my bed. It wasn’t really that bad but I still had toRead More →

Sunday I got up early again because the weather forecast predicted rain around noon and I wanted to make the most of the day before it got wet. Had my breakfast with view to Rialto again. And I have to show you the bathroom of my room as well. It was so small that you couldn’t really use the toilet in the direction you would normally use it. 😀 Knees on the wall. 😀 Walked around towards the train station and then took the metro 😉 (boat) along the Canale Grande back. But I didn’t go all the way to Rialto by boat but leftRead More →

The next morning I had breakfast next to the Rialto bridge and that was really cool. I left the hotel early because I wanted to go to Burano. On the way there I left the boat on the glas-art island Murano first. There are all the glassblowers. I didn’t want to go into one of the big shops where they show you how they work because there were too many people around. I didn’t really want to go with the crowds so I went to the quieter areas. Murano is nice but I prefer Burano by far. Burano is known for it’s colourful houses. ThereRead More →

In June the need to get away got bigger and bigger so I finally booked a long weekend in Venice. It was a bit difficult to book because my first booking was from Thursday to Monday but a few days later both flights were cancelled, the rebooked me to flights that didn’t make a lot of sense but then the flight times changed again. So finally I left friday at noon and the flight home was Sunday at 9 PM. I have to admit that I had tears in my eyes when I finally entered the plane after nearly two years of not flying. OnceRead More →

Soooooo…. sometime in February I got itchy again and I just booked a flight to Venice. The flight to Venice was friday at 7 PM and the flight back at sunday 9 PM. So really good times for a short trip. Booked a hotel close to the train station too and I was ready to go. Last friday the time had come. Flight was super on time and we landed 15 minutes early. Went out of the airport, took a taxi and half an hour later I was already sitting in a ristorante enjoying my spaghetti carbonara. The next two days I walked around aRead More →