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Nearly time to go….

Oh well… time has come to pack my stuff again and leave… although this is not really what I had planned I am really looking forward to it. And I am in dire need of a vacation too as the … Weiterlesen

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Some news…

Yes, I know, Prague is still missing… the thing is that my mind was elsewhere over the past weeks. I am going to fly out to Indonesia soon and the first leg of the trip was supposed to be Bali. … Weiterlesen

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To continue with the pics of my city-trips Zurich is next. I hadn’t been there in two years so when I saw a flight for 90 Euro I just couldn’t resist. So it was an early saturday and an afternoon … Weiterlesen

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Well… after the underwater pics from last weekend I have to start catching up with my trips. First of all the ‚oldest‘ one: Belfast. I went there over Pentecost, flew over on Friday and came back on Monday. I flew … Weiterlesen

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Underwater photography macro workshop

Yeah, I know, I am way behind with updating this blog… my entries from Belfast in May, Zurich in July and Prague in August are missing. I promise they will come within the next days… but let’s start with some … Weiterlesen

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Oh sheesh, I haven’t posted any pics from my trip to Ireland over Pentecoste yet… sorry, but this will come. I have been so busy geo-caching over the past weeks that I didn’t really have a lot of time for … Weiterlesen

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Last day in Longyearbyen

When we got back to civilisation I had one more day left but due to the fact that had been sick for several days already I didn’t do that much. I went for a walk to find some more geocaches … Weiterlesen

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Last pics from expedition

Here are the last pics from our days on the boat… glacier, spring and then suddenly snow… several seasons in just one day. Second stay in Barentzburg where lots of vodka was consumed. Not by me since I was sick … Weiterlesen

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Expedition part 2

So, here are some more pics… part 2 of the expedition (more to come). The first ones are from a coal mining village called Svea where usually tourists are not allowed to go on land. And then some more walruses… … Weiterlesen

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Expedition part 1

Here are the first pics from our expedition (it was more a scouting tour since instead of going north for the tour we went south). They are mostly from the best day we had there with the walrusses and beluga … Weiterlesen

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Trip to Barentzburg and Piramiden

These little villages are russian coal mining settlements. While Barentzburg still has an active mine (mostly ucrainians work there), Piramiden is now ghost town. Only 9 people left to live there. On the Piramiden part I met my norvegian friends … Weiterlesen

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Pics from day 1 in the Arctic

Since I don’t have a lot of time I am just uploading the pics here and will comment on everything later…

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Way behind with updates…

This June is a very busy month for me and I am already behind with updates. I went back to Ireland over Pentecost. This time I visited Belfast. Even though I got way too wet I still like Ireland very … Weiterlesen

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Liege day 2

The next morning I took my time because the weather was not as nice as the day before but luckily it was not raining. So I went to do some more geo-caching and take some long-term exposure pics at the … Weiterlesen

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Liege day 1

So I went to Liege on a sunday morning. It is just a one hour train ride from Cologne so it is not really far. The train station in Liege is a photographer’s dream… so when I arrived I took … Weiterlesen

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Tomorrow morning I will take the train to go to Lüttich/Liege in Belgium. It is one of the three stops on my way to Paris. And most of the time when we stop there I think that I should take … Weiterlesen

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Today we had lots of demonstrations in the city so I went geo-caching in a park along the river which has been re-constructed for ‚Bundesgartenschau‘ when I was a kid. There were three caches I wanted to find but I … Weiterlesen

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Geo-caching in Cologne

When we were in Iceland my friends were looking for geo-caches as they are geo-cachers and have done this for quite some time. I was thinking about starting this too and got registered a few weeks ago. Today I was … Weiterlesen

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I know that I usually post some pics from carnival but it is mostly always the same and I was just too busy to upload them… a week after carnival I had to go back to Paris for several days. … Weiterlesen

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Iceland, day 6 – the last one

And again we got up early although the weather forecast was not too good. The first stop of the day was at Seljalandsfoss, another beautiful waterfall. When we arrived there we were not alone but the big busses had not … Weiterlesen

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