Hamburg – 3

Sunday morning we took our time and after breakfast we went to cityhall again where we had a geocachers meeting. It was fun because my swiss friend Susanna was there and again geocaching friends from Cologne. After that we went for some more caches around the Michel – one of Hamburg’s main attractions. And then very fast it was time to go back to the hotel to get our stuff to then head over to the train station to go back home. It was a nice weekend with lots of fun… 🙂

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Hamburg – 2

The next morning after breakfast we decided to look for some geocaches around a botanical garden and we enjoyed our time there a lot as it was beautiful. Of course we met some cachers there as well. 😉 Then we took the tram back to the center to walk by cityhall. In a shopping mall we had lunch all the while chatting to a nice couple of NON-geo cachers. 😉 Then off to the event-area where again we didn’t spend a lot of time. Off to the hotel for some relax time and then later we went to the Speicherstadt with the Elbphilharmonics. Before going I had seen a wonderful pic of a spot in the Speichercity which is THE photographers spot to be at blue hour. I just didn’t know where it was… so we checked the map and finally found the location. Once it was dark there were two rows of photographers… 😀 but the pic was well worth it…

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Hamburg – 1

In early May I went to Hamburg for a big geocaching event. I had wanted to go to Hamburg for a while and the event was a welcome occasion to actually go. So on a friday morning we took the train to Hamburg. Arrived around lunch time we went to our hotel and then spent most of the rest of the day on the water. It was fun because whereever you went there were geocachers everywhere. Later in the day we went to the event-area to get our tickets for the next day when the event actually started. No pics from then as it was a disorganized desaster and didn’t really have anything nice to take pics off… here are the impressions from our time on the water.

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Mexico City

After leaving La Paz early in the morning I arrived early at my hotel and once again had to wait till check-in time to get access to my room. I spent that in the lobby of my hotel because I had too much carry-on to schlepp it around… my hotel was at the Zocalo and I had a view to the cathedral of Mexico City. The hotel had a rooftop restaurant where I ate most of the time. Although I wasn’t really too happy when over the weekend they had only buffet when I wasn’t that hungry and wanted only something small. They were not flexible so I didn’t eat there. In addition I was sick so I cancelled the excursion I had booked to the pyramids of Teotihuacan :(. After a day I felta bit better so I went on my pre-booked hop-on hop-off tour not knowing that on sundays they are not going the normal way because some streets are closed for bikes. So I went again on monday because I wanted to explore the park of Chapultec – not knowing that like museums it was closed on mondays… I had only two days in DF and my flight left late on monday evening. So I missed out on quite a bit for different reasons.

I know that Mexico DF is not the safest place on earth but I never felt unsafe. From my room I heard way too much noise ( I am used to noise but the cacophonie on saturday evening was unbelievable)… I love Mexico City and I definitely will be back. I loved the entirety of my trip to Mexico but I know that next time I will do a few things differently.  But bottom line: I LOVE Mexico… it is a wonderful, beautiful country.

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And La Paz with my mobile

Which includes the stunning beaches that we visited after diving…

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La Paz over water – big camera first

Let’s start with the pics of my big camera first before I post the pics of my mobile. I didn’t always have my big camera with me – especially when we went diving. And I regretted it when we went on beautiful beaches for lunch. But mobile phones nowadays take great pics too so…
La Paz was a bit of a shock after the quiet days in Loreto. My hotel was at the malecon (beach promenade) and that was not quiet. Each evening we saw the same cars drive up and down the malecon. Especially the ones with the loud music were the ones we noticed. 😉 Along the malecon there is a lot of artwork that comes in handy when you need a nice foreground for a sunset. But there is a lot of art all over the city as well, mostly murales. I didn’t explore as much as I wanted over water as once I was sick I didn’t really feel like exploring that much. Otherwise I would probably gone on an excursion to explore the area some more.

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Diving in La Paz

From Loreto it was another 4 h drive back to La Paz. Which was uneventful while I was already missing my friends from Loreto. Shortly before La Paz there was a police control but we didn’t have a problem. They were busy taking apart an expensive looking car… 😉 Once arrived at my hotel I checked in and later walked along the Malecon – the beach promenade. Then had dinner at the restaurant of a nearby hotel and it wasn’t good. That night there was a party somewhere close by which was still raging at 4:30… I asked for a different room the next morning. And I got it. Diving for that day had been cancelled due to the weather conditions so I walked over to the dive-shop which was just around the corner to do the paper work and bring my equipment. The next morning we went out on a wreck dive first and a reef afterwards. During surface break we saw the first mobula rays jumping. On the reef we got company of two sealions but pics were not easy. The next day we went to the sealions first which was fun (took some macro there as well) and the second dive was a wreck dive again which I didn’t want to do. The third day I woke up sick and decided that diving was not a good idea. I went along anyway because the second dive was supposed to be whaleshark snorkelling. I can tell you that being on a boat when everyone comes out of the water with that big smile on their faces because the sealions were so playful that morning is not a good feeling. We ate on the boat as we had to go back to La Paz to get our slot for the whaleshark snorkelling. In between we saw mobula rays jumping again and a big school of dolphins… here are the underwater pics – overwater will follow later…

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Loreto – pics from my mobile

I don’t usually blog pics from my mobile phone and even less food pics… but Loreto has had such great food that I am making an exception. One from our group of friends went fishing one morning and in the restaurants in Loreto they are happy to cook it for you. So here are some more pics from Loreto as I didn’t always have my big camera with me… 🙂

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Day 7 – Grey whales … or not

On my last day in Loreto I had booked another tour to the grey whales. So we took another 2 h drive through the canyon to go over to Magdalena Bay on the Pacific-side of Baja California. And I hoped that this time the whales would come to the boat to play. But… nature is unpredictable and so that day we saw ONE grey whale in the distance. The capt’n tried everything but there was nothing he could do. If the whales don’t want to show up they won’t. I added one pic so you can see that the waves were rather high. But the pangas (boats) are built in a way that you don’t get wet. I found that really amazing…

So we went on the dunes, watched fregatte birds again, had dolphins next to the boat. Then lunch at a local restaurant again and back to Loreto. The better part of the day came when I met with my friends again to have the final dinner. And as it happens in Loreto the owners of the dive-shop walked by so it was a propper send-off for me. It was not easy to say good-bye at the end of the evening as I had had a wonderful time with the best group of people… here a few pics from that day.

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Day 6 – Blue whales

I had known before going to Loreto that I wanted to go blue whale watching. Turned out that my new friends Kim and Bob wanted to come so we were on the same boat together with another german-speaking, Susanne. I like that the tour company is not trying to put as many people on the boat as possible because there were more boats out – which turned out to be good for us. Not only made it whale watching more comfortable but because the brand new motor of our boat broke down towards the end of the tour and Kim needed to be at the airport at a certain time- So we had to switch boats to get her back in time to catch her plane. There was constant communication between the boats and our captain kept shouting ‚Tequila, Tequila!‘ in his micro. When we asked why he was asking for something to drink 😉 he told us that this was the captain of the other boat. 😀

What I read only this morning is that there are strict rules for blue whale watching in the Sea of Cortez. I can definitely say that those rules are not in place for the grey whales. With the blue whales there is a ‚passive watching‘-policy, meaning that the motor needs to be off. It is not allowed to drive with/follow the whales if the distance is lower than 100 m, if there is a mother with a calf then driving with/following them is not allowed at all. Chasing them is forbidden. And rightfully so! Our captain just left the motor out most of the time and we watched for whales. Towards the end we were really very, very lucky because twice a whale came up right on the boat and dove in front of the boat and twice a whale came up and swam by about 10 m from our boat. These animals are sooooooo huge!!!! You can’t really see that on the pics. I don’t know how many different blue whales we have seen but I estimate between 3 and 5. In between there is a pic of Kim eating the coconut cooky that Bob had baked for her. To end up the wonderful day we stopped at a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters… it was sooo beautiful. Not really surprised that this area is a national park. And here are the pics…

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Lazy and busy….

Sorry but I am a bit busy these days so I don’t have time to blog. And when I have I am too lazy… 😉 Reports and pics will follow at the latest when I get back home…

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Day 5 – Day off

So… after all the exitement my body thought that I needed some time off in order to just relax. Since the weather was supposed to be bad (very windy) I didn’t really want to go in the water after freezing like hell the day before so I cancelled my dive day. The sky was clear though so I walked over into the city in the morning and since it was perfect photo weather I took a lot of pics. Loreto is small enough that I ran into most of the few people I know here. One of the things about Loreto I really like. I don’t know a lot of people here but the ones I know – we keep running into each other even if we didn’t set a meeting point and time. Here are the pics…

In the evening I met up again with the gang and it was funny that all divers seem to go to the same restaurants because even the ones who didn’t know we were there came to eat at the same place. We laughed a lot and had a fun evening again.

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Day 4 – my 700th dive…

So we went out to go diving again. On the way to Coronado Island we saw dolphins and one of them jumped so high that it gae me enough time to grab my camera and get him on a pic… 🙂 We went to a sealion colony and went diving there. I didn’t take the camera in the water on the first dive as I wanted to enjoy myself. The sealions were playful among themselves but obviously didn’t want to interact with us. It was amazing though that even in a depth of 12 m you could hear them (the ones above water). We saw some endemic creatures of the sea of Cortez, nice nudis and a big shell with a bright pink ‚entry‘ (not sure what it was). But I have to say it was cold… the water was 17° Celsius. When we came out of the water it was still 17° but when you are wet that feels much colder. Capt’n Kiki had hot tea and cookies for us but that didn’t really help too much. So we froze till the next dive which was my 700th. I wanted to take pics again but when Kiki gave me the camera I realized that I hadn’t put it in in a good way so I couldn’t switch on the camera. 🙁 Therefore no dive pics from yesterday. The dive was faster than I usually prefer but we had to move because we were so damn cold… it was still a nice dive with some rays and other stuff. After the dive we went to the beach where lunch was served. Then we went back home. Later the gang met up again for dinner and we had lots of fun. There was a guy close by who was cleaning cars with two towels. And he did that while dancing to the music. It was sooooo funny… we should have paid him something for that show. 😉

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Day 3 diving…

Day 3 was the day I met some new friends: Bob, Kimberley, Robert and Capt’n Kiki. 🙂 We were a good group on the boat and we have been doing stuff together ever since. Yago was our guide (but he is owner of Blue Nations too) and he explained us a lot of things. One of the nudibranches is a tiger nudibranch (it is not the one with the stripes but the similar one – the one with the stripes is the tiger’s food). Since I am into macro I sometimes take random shots and as usual I find things on my pics that I didn’t see under water. In this case I found several skeleton shrimps (on pic 7 there is a skeleton is hiding behind a white stuff) and a small lady bug – but that is not clear. When I actually looked for skeletons the next day I didn’t find any. So here we go with dive-pics – the only ones I have from Loreto.

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Day 2 grey whale tour…

So the reason why I came up to Loreto is because it is closer to the grey whales. They come down to Mexico to give birth and mate. The interesting thing is that the curious calves get close to the boats and you can touch the whales (not interested in touching them but looking them in the eye must be pretty impressive). On the way down to the other side of Baja California we were told that this year they hadn’t seen many babies yet. So we didn’t think we would see any. But the first whales we saw were mom with baby. And we saw several more. The captain told us that the whales seem to be 20 days behind with giving birth this year. But the first calve was too small yet (about 3 weeks old) and stayed with mom. The other ones were a bit older but they still were not interested in socialising. We went to the area where Magdalena Bay opens to the Pacific which is where you find the whales. Moms and babies go there because swimming against the tidal currents makes the babies stronger swimmers. On the way back we saw fregatte birds. After a mexican lunch we started the way back to Loreto but stopped to see some desert plants. The ‚running cactus‘ grows on the ground so it gives the impression that it is running. Once back in the hotel I was too tired to do a lot. So here are the pics…

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Pics from the trip to Loreto and from Loreto

So here are the pics to go with day 1… unfortunately they are from last to first… don’t like the new features of the blog. 🙁

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Viva Mexico….

So…. I had lots of work, carnival, been sick twice…. and it was a really bad time to go on vacation from a work point of view but… it was booked. Lucky me! 😉 So two days ago I left for Frankfurt from where I took a direct flight to Mexico City. Watched Mamma Mia II but was not impressed… I arrived in the evening and it took forever till my suitcases came out. But I passed the time watching a customs guy with his dog. Not entirely sure what the dog was sniffing for but whenever he put his paw on a suitcase the owner put a mark on it and I am sure the owners of these suitcases were searched at customs. I had a hotel that is next to the Terminal and I knew that there was a passage way over. I got at the upper level at the right point but then I didn’t see that there were two passage ways. Of course I took the wrong on. Had to get down stairs (no moving ones) with all my luggage which was no fun and ended up at the back of my hotel. So I had to go up the hill in a thunderstorm and go around the block to reach the entrance. No fun. 🙁 If I had seen the other passageway I would have been in the lobby in two minutes without getting wet.

Didn’t do a lot as I was tired and had to get up at 3 AM again to catch my flight to La Paz. I missed the airport shuttle provided by the hotel by about 30 seconds (not sure why they didn’t wait because they saw me coming out of the door). My guess is that they are friends with the taxi drivers. Since I didn’t really want to wait 20 minutes I took a taxi to the other terminal which is about 3 km away. There is a train between the terminals but from what I read it starts service at 5 AM which was too late for me.

Flight to La Paz was uneventful. Once arrived Carlos was there to get me and drive me to Loreto which was a 4 hour drive. It was interesting to see how the landscape changed. First desert like with lots of cacti. Then there was an agricultural region. Later there were hills and Carlos at one point told me that we were in a canyon that had volcanic roots. And then we were finally in Loreto. Unfortunately it was noon and check-in was only at 3 PM so I walked into Loreto (I am a bit outside) to explore the area. And to have my first margarita and carne asado (both very good!). Loreto looks mostly unspoiled from tourism. I wanted to go to the shop with which I had tried to book the whale tours but they don’t accept bookings from single travellers. So they told me that I had to see if there were others going on the dates I wanted to go. Last week via email they wouldn’t tell me if the tours were OK and just told me to come by the shop once I arrived. Not really customer friendly. And when I went by they were closed…. so I went back to the hotel, checked in and later walked back to the ‚city center‘. This time they were open and I heard that I can go to the grey whales today. YAY! But the lady in the shop spoke only spanish so communication was a bit difficult. Then I went to the dive shop and we already did all the paper work. Later Monica came by my hotel to get my dive gear. 🙂 Tomorrow diving and if nothing goes wrong I will do my 70th dive the day after tomorrow.

And now I am curious how it will be with the grey whales. If I like it I will go back next week. 🙂

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Yeah, January has already gone by with the usual BOOT-trade fair where I met a lot of friends. February is busy as well, been sick for a week and now several events for carnival before the official street carnival starts at the end of the month. And right after I will be off to Mexico for some more whales and a bit of diving and geocaching… 🙂

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Norway part 3

The next days were still full of whales but the weather was not really good. Although it could have been worse with more rain. So the grey clouds did not make the days longer. It was pretty obvious that the days got shorter very fast. It was stormy again one day and we had water tornadoes dancing over the water. And for once the humpback was not jumping behind my back. 🙂 Julian came down and told us that a humpback had just jumped in front of the boat. So we went up again and a few seconds later the whale jumped again. I was not fast enough to catch him when he was fully out of the water (he didn’t come out entirely anyway I think). One humpback that we saw had only half of his fluke left. Since it looked like cleanly cut off we think that he must have been hurt by a boat.
At one point we had a group of about 20 humpbacks swimming parallel to our boat and right next to us. I took a video with my mobile of that as pictures would never have caught that appropriately. In the evenings we hoped for Lady Aurora again but although we had clear skies she would not show herself. But the full moon was impressive on our last evening.
The trip back home was an adventure again as we flew out of Sorkjosen at the peak of storm warning red in a little plane. I am usually relaxed when flying but there were some moments that I was rather un-relaxed. It was an experience that I prefer not to repeat. But boy – those pilotes sure know how to fly… The rest of the trip didn’t go that well either but in the end I made it home. Here are the last pics… If you want to go through them in full size click on the first one and then you can navigate to the next one.

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Norway 2018 part 2

We had another great day the next day but we knew that the sunny weather would not last. So I enjoyed the show mother nature gave us in the sky again. That evening when we went out after lunch (shouldn’t have taken our time and went out earlier) there was something in the sky that looked like…. yes, Mrs. Aurora was showing herself. And not only that – we had a rainbow in front of the northern lights. Don’t think I will ever see this again. The pics of the northern lights were expensive ones for me though as it was still really windy. When I opened my jacket to get the mobile out (to let the tour leaders know that the aurora was dancing) the wind blew over my tripod. The camera survived but my lense didn’t. Fortunately I still had another lense with me but since this was my normal ‚Always on‘-lense I had to buy a new one when I got back home. *sigh* The next day weather was no longer so sunny but still OK. We got some breaching and spyhopping wales – and lots of fun. 😉


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