And it is nearly that time of the year again… it won’t be long now till I am going back to Sardinia like I do every year in June. The difference will be this year that I am a bit later than usual but I will still miss all my dive-buddies from Italy-mainland. The ones from Sardinia like Freddy, Gabriele and ‘il nonno’ are always there (although Alberto, ‘il nonno’ is not from Sardinia) but it won’t be the same with my other friends. We’ve been diving together for 5 years so I am going to miss them – in and out of the water… 🙁 But I will probably going to see other friends again that I haven’t seen for 2 or 3 years. Looking forward to that since our families have been friends since 1980… a lifetime… 🙂

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Weekend in North Carolina

I know that it is kind of crazy to fly to North Carolina for a long weekend but the thing is that we had met there 8 years ago and somehow we decided to do it again. And I am really glad we did. I mostly went to meet friends and we were a group of peeps from all over the US, plus Canada and me. We had so much fun and it was really great to see everyone. Since the main purpose was to meet friends there are not that many ‘tourist’-pics as most of the time we just hung out at the property. Either at the pool or at the owner’s house. But here are some impressions of that weekend…

IMG_8302 IMG_8303 IMG_8320 IMG_8337 IMG_8363 IMG_8415 IMG_8491a IMG_8506 IMG_8510 IMG_8566 IMG_8598 IMG_8602 IMG_8605 IMG_8619 IMG_8628 IMG_8695 IMG_8697 IMG_8714 IMG_8744 IMG_8767 IMG_8854 IMG_8896 IMG_8952 IMG_8966 IMG_8977 IMG_8991 IMG_9008

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4711 / Eau de Cologne

This saturday I was lucky to have dutch friends whom I met in Norway last year coming to Cologne. We met in the afternoon and I did a tour with them showing them some of the sights and telling them some of the old stories linked to the sights as well. Of course we went to the Glockengasse too where they have rebuilt the 4711-house that has been destroyed during WWII. On the groundfloor there is a shop. My friends asked me how 4711 smells and walking close to the entrance I found that the smell came out the door. Once they went to the door they both said ‘I know that smell!’ 😉 I know it is pretty well know. Then we entered the shop and I have to admit that I have never been inside before. There was some really interesting stuff inside. And when we were about to leave we even found out where the small at the entrance was coming from: a 4711-fountain… 🙂




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Flowers, flowers, flowers…

This weekend we went to the Netherlands. Last year I couldn’t take the pics of tulip fields that I had dreamed of so this year I went again. But since there was a flower corso we decided to go and see that too. I can only say that the floats were awesome. Definitely going again! We found a good spot to watch the parade and then we found some nice colourful tulip fields to take pics… Spent saturday evening in Leiden and after another quick stop  at the tulip fields around Keukenhof in Lisse on sunday we went to the Unesco World heritage site in Kinderdijke that hosts very old windmills. Unfortunately for us the Viking-Cruise-ships carried several bus-loads of people there so it was a bit crowded.

The weather this weekend was not optimal but I’d say we could have had it worse. During the parade the sun was shining and the dark grey clouds announcing the rain and the hail made for dramatic lights on some pics. It was VERY cold but I had my warm jacket that I had bought for Norway with me so I was mostly OK… it was a great weekend and I am happy with the pics (the ones below are all like they came out of the cam).

IMG_7331 IMG_7403 IMG_7408 IMG_7412 IMG_7456 IMG_7462 IMG_7483 IMG_7529 IMG_7547 IMG_7580 IMG_7591 IMG_7602 IMG_7611 IMG_7638 IMG_7659 IMG_7710 IMG_7748 IMG_7820 IMG_7855 IMG_7884 IMG_8023 IMG_8038 IMG_8053 IMG_8071 IMG_8143 IMG_8167 IMG_8191 IMG_8219 IMG_8233 IMG_8261 IMG_8280

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Paris once more

So I had to go back to Paris this week and on thursday I was finally lucky because the weather was cooperating (not that I had seen any daylight all day since the meeting room didn’t have any windows) so I left the office early (meaning 6 PM) and together with one of my colleagues from Dublin took the metro over to the Montparnasse Tower. Going there had been on my bucket list for a while but something or the other always made me not go. The only regret I have is that I didn’t stop at my hotel to get my tripod but I didn’t know if I would be allowed to take it up on the tower. E.g. in New York you can’t take tripods on the Empire State Building or the Rockefeller Center. Next time I will bring it though!

If you go up the Montparnasse Tower the elevator brings you to the 56th floor where you have a bar and a souvenir shop and a view all around too. But you can walk up three floors to the roof and from there you can see even better (and take pics without any glass in front). We went up to the 59th floor twice and really enjoyed the time we spent up there. Thanks, Kate, for going with me!IMG_7147 IMG_7164 IMG_7175 IMG_7180 IMG_7190 IMG_7204 IMG_7214 IMG_7215 IMG_7240 IMG_7249  IMG_7286

Copyright Tour Eiffel – Illuminations Pierre Bideau

IMG_7293 IMG_7317

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Paris again….

Well, I wasn’t really happy about it but this week I had to go to Paris for 3.5 days. If work needs to be done, work needs to be done. Nothing I can do about it. I was lucky to get a room in my favorite hotel again, which is not really a hotel, but a ‘serviced residence’. Meaning that nobody makes my bed, I have to clean up after myself BUT I have a kitchen with water cooker, toaster, microwave and dishwasher. In addition these appartments are usually bigger than the hotel rooms in Paris AND they are cheaper. And this specific one does have rooms with view to the Eiffel Tower. They have already upgraded me several times too so I really like it there. The area is nice as well with lots of shops and brasseries. When I checked in I was curious if I would get a room with view to the Eiffel Tower and I DID! 🙂

Copyright Tour Eiffel – Illuminations Pierre Bideau


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Spring, where are you?

The bad weather these days is going on my nerves (a bit). My next vacation is still ages away so for today I am cheering myself up with a pic from Indonesia… good times. 🙂


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This year carnival was a bit different… we mostly did the same stuff as usual but as opposed to prior years I watched part of the big parades on sunday and monday on the street as there were not nearly as many people around as usual. Here are some pics from the events. 🙂

IMG_5700_Bildgröße ändern IMG_5733_Bildgröße ändern IMG_5736_Bildgröße ändern IMG_5762_Bildgröße ändern IMG_5771_Bildgröße ändern

IMG_5995 IMG_6086 IMG_6101 IMG_6114 IMG_6202

IMG_6261 IMG_6276 IMG_6283 IMG_6316 IMG_6320 IMG_6430 IMG_6633

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Andenes last day

Our last day in Andenes started good… we all got ready to go in the water and I actually jumped in too. In that instant there were no orcas though and I quickly realized that my drysuit was not dry. So I got out of the water and that was it. The orcas didn’t really cooperate that day and shortly after  midday a big snowstorm came up so we returned to the mainland. I can tell you that the cake in the cafe that afternoon was REALLY good! 😉
In the evening we packed and had the last dinner together. The next morning everything was frozen and when we arrived at the airport someone who was supposed to take a flight 3 hours earlier was still there. Our flight was the only one that left Andenes that day and even in Tromsoe we left later than scheduled. I arrived mostly in time at Duesseldorf and the taxi got me back home before the ice hit the roads that night… 🙂 Even if I still don’t have my underwater-orca pic it was a great week. We had a lot of fun and I think I got some nice pics out of it. I am already thinking about where to go next for the Northern lights but it won’t be Andenes… 😉

On the first pic  I was really unhappy that the camera focussed on the water close to the boat when two humpback whales came up feeding with their mouths open… 🙁

IMG_5322 IMG_5372 IMG_5403 IMG_5423 IMG_5426 IMG_5469 IMG_5493 IMG_5498


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Andenes Day 5 – Aurora bliss

That day we saw that the sky was clear when we came back in with the boat. Stefan kept checking the aurora forecast and we decided to leave the hotel around 5 in the afternoon to go to the beach and see if we could detect some green activity in the sky. Only a block away from our hotel we saw the first green lights in the sky. We stopped immediately to take some pics but then continued to the beach… it was one of the best evenings especially since the light was not only green but we had some pink in it too… after one hour Sven called to give ‘aurora alarm’ (we just laughed since we had already taken lots of pics). After two hours it was time to meet for dinner but after dinner Sven drove us over to Bleik Beach where we had another hour of aurora-photographing bliss. I took lots of pics and was more than happy that now I finally have sharp aurora pics. 🙂 The pics below are mostly as they came out of the cam… IMG_5032 IMG_5055 IMG_5066 IMG_5075 IMG_5080 IMG_5084a IMG_5096 IMG_5105 IMG_5106 IMG_5113 IMG_5118 IMG_5120a IMG_5124 IMG_5131a IMG_5138 IMG_5149 IMG_5152 IMG_5156 IMG_5159 IMG_5173 IMG_5252 IMG_5256 IMG_5259 IMG_5268a IMG_5287a IMG_5291a


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