Iceland day 9

Iceland day 9

03/09/2021 Aus Von andiline

That day we got up early because the weather forecast had promised us that we would see the sun within some clouds. We should have known by then that the forecast keeps lying… 😉 We got up early and went to the diamond beach again. Again high tide but it was receding. I took cool pics but sunrise… ? Nope.. later the sun was visible behind some clouds but nothing like we had hoped for. So we went back to the hotel, had breakfast and afterwards packed our stuff and left.

That day we were supposed to go only towards close to Seljalandsfoss where I was dreaming of taking a pic going behind the waterfall with the sun peeking in… yeah, I have to dream on. On our way back we stopped shortly at Jokulsarlon again because there was fog coming up and it looked interesting. There is a canyon called Fjadragliugfur where Justin Bieber took a video – and now people are invading the place. Obviously they leave some unwanted belongings behind as there is no other explanation for the sign of the landowner….

Then we continued but it was raining again. Shortly before Vik we noticed a lot of dead birds on the road. In addition to the dead ones there were others just sitting there and it looked like they were dying. So I asked in a group on Facebook and was told that those were young storm birds that can’t fly. They can only glide and mistake the roads for rivers. The rivers would take them to the ocean where they are supposed to go. But the roads don’t. So if you have a towel… please stop and put them in a river if there is any nearby. We shortly stopped in Vik to take some pics at the church and then we were on our way again.

When we arrived at Seljalandsfoss it was raining hard again so there was no point in stopping there. So we decided to go try to get to a tour at the caves in Hella. And we made it. It was interesting but I wouldn’t go again. After that we went to our hotel which was close to the ocean and surprise… sun was out… so we took a shower and then went into the whirlpool that was close to our room. Later we had dinner because I wanted to eat the lava cake with ice cream (lava cake is chocolate cake that is melted inside …. soooooooo gooooood).