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Iceland day 3

Sorry, I am really busy these days but I hope to get all missing days from Iceland up today. So here is day 3. The weather forecast indicated that it might be the best and only sunny day during our … Weiterlesen

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Sorry but I just didn’t have time to post anything the last days. We always got up early because we wanted to take advantage of the light at sunrise and then the days went by in a blurr and it … Weiterlesen

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Iceland day 2

This morning we got up early again, full of the spirit to explore Iceland. And what did we find? Weather, weather, weather… In fact it was raining as hard as yesterday, only the storm had lessened a bit. So we … Weiterlesen

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Iceland arrival and day 1

Well, my flight with Icelandair from Frankfurt to Keflavik Airport was quite uneventful. The plane was mostly empty so I could switch to a seat with nobody sitting next to me. When we landed the sun was shining and I … Weiterlesen

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I know I haven’t blogged in a while but there actually wasn’t a lot to tell although I have been quite busy the whole month of January. But now I am ready to see some northern lights again. At least … Weiterlesen

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Merry christmas and a happy new year

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Concert in the Cologne cathedral

I have been a bit busy over the past weeks. There might be some christmas market pics in the next weeks but not sure when I will have time to post them. Today I was at a concert in the … Weiterlesen

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Eruptions Mount Yasur

I have been working on some of the data I brought back with me. One experiment is to have a small video of the eruptions on Mount Yasur. They are very not perfect I know that. But I don’t want … Weiterlesen

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Dinner in Singapore….

Well, I better finish with my report of my vacation. 🙂 On the way back from Adelaide I had a 9 hour layover in Singapore. It is boring to spend that much time in the transit area although Changgi-Airport is … Weiterlesen

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Adelaide and area above water

Although I am already back home I still need to post pics of the ‚Adelaide‘-stop above water. You will find pics from the stop in Edithburg and then Adelaide. I was somehow no longer enthusiastic about seeing new places… guess … Weiterlesen

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Edithburg Jetty….

When I woke up this morning around 6 it was raining hard… and I was cold… so after about 2 hours I was at the point to say ‚Let’s just return to Adelaide’… Dan came to get me at 9 … Weiterlesen

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What happens on my leafy-dive? I get seasick… :(

So this morning at 9 I was at the dive-shop where I met Dan who is my company for the weekend. We drove about 2 hours north to go south again. Actually we can see Adelaide from here in the … Weiterlesen

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Trip to Adelaide…

Arrived safely in Adelaide but I think I won’t ever again take an airport shuttle where I can’t decide the pick-up time myself. They picked me up 2 hours before departure time but then someone else still needed to be … Weiterlesen

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Nothing to report today…

Sorry, just taking my time today… nearly finished packing. In one hour I need to leave my appartment and then wait another 2-3 h till my shuttle to the airport is coming to pick me up. Flight to Adelaide at … Weiterlesen

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Stormy day at Bondi beach

Yesterday when I started thinking about what to do I checked the weather forecast first. And the reason why I did the whale watching yesterday was the forecast of the wind…. So this morning I decided to do the Hop-On/Hop … Weiterlesen

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Hanging around in Sydney…

So this morning when I woke up my throat was hurting and my sinusses were not working well either so I decided with a heavy heart to cancel today’s dives. The thing is… we had a clear blue sky yesterday … Weiterlesen

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The photobombing groper

Sorry, looks like I skipped one day of blogging and didn’t even realize it. Pics from yesterday will come later. I took it slowly yesterday. In the morning I had some washing to do and then I walked a bit … Weiterlesen

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Imam Vanuatu and Hello Australia

Well… it was a bit sad to leave Vanuatu but all vacation end sooner or later. Two last pics from there (not sure where the pics are that I made from the plane leaving Tanna). The first one is a … Weiterlesen

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Port Vila… and Mount Yasur as final activity on Tanna

You know what is heavenly? The first chocolate bar after three weeks… 😉 I am safely back in Vila and when I arrived at the hotel shortly after 10 they told me check-in was only at 2 PM. The hotels … Weiterlesen

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Today’s report will follow tomorrow…

Just got back from another visit to Mount Yasur and it was once again entirely different from my visit on sunday. It was my 4th visit to the volcano and each time was different. Unfortunately my flight to Vila was … Weiterlesen

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