For that day I had booked a trip on a catamaran to Trollfjorden where sea eagles were on the list of things to see as well. I didn’t want to go on a small boat and with lots of wind that day the catamaran was a much better option. I could hide from the wind and when it was too cold for someone they could comfortably sit inside. The boat was not full so there was enough space to take pics. We were passing on small islands where we saw eagles sitting – two of them maybe in their nest. They didn’t fly that day though. Went along the coast until we got to Trollfjorden – the troll fjord. It was a rather small one and I was happy that we were the only boat in there. I have seen a pic from a friend where the Hurtigruten-cruiseship came into the fjord as well. Wouldn’t have wanted that much of a crowd in there. 😉 We were on electrical motor in there so it was peaceful and quiet. Then we headed back to Svolvaer. I was amazed at the color of the water that we could see along the coast where there were little beaches as well. It was a nice trip and I am glad that I went but it was nothing really spectacular. Once I was back at the hotel it started to rain so I didn’t do a lot else.