From Zeche Zollverein we drove back over to Duisburg to ‚ Tiger and Turtle‘. Those are walk-able stairs in the form of a rollercoaster. Depending from where you see it it as different shapes. While I could detect the turtle from some angles the tiger is still a mystery to me… 😉 We had planned to go there for blue hour/when it got dark and we were perfectly on time. Again lots of people up there to take pics. Which in a lot of cases ruined our pics – but nothing we could do about that. We can’t chase people away, can we? 😉 WeRead More →

Saturday… we had confirmed breakfast at 8:30 and the employee of the hotel is like a mother to us. Cooks fresh eggs and keeps asking us if we need anything else. And tells us to take some sandwiches as she would have to throw away the left-overs. Good – so we don’t have to worry about lunch and dinner. 😉 We leave around 10 and he first stop is the Tetraeder in Bottrop. We have to walk uphill but it is not too bad. The Tetraeder is rather high. Not sure HOW high. There are three platforms that you can go up to. I makeRead More →

With my friend Katrin I had decided to travel for a weekend in January. We were thinking of Belgium but the Corona-regulations were written in a way that we didn’t understand if we had to do something or not so in the end we decided to stay in Germany and go to the Ruhr-Area instead. There are lots of differrent cities in close proximity and we soon found some good foto-spots for our list of things to do. In the end we both took friday off. Katrin came to get me mid-morning and we decided to start in Herdecke at the viaduct. Initially we hadRead More →

Today is the start of the annual pilgrimage of the Cologne cathedral. I had already read a while ago that there was an illumination for it that was to honour the 100th anniversary of the end of WW I. I tried to keep up with all the info and found out that on monday was the last big rehearsal. So on monday I went together with a friend and my mom and it was really cool. First they showed the lightshow (music not to be shown on the pics 😉 ) and afterwards they had only certain pics as image (not moving) for photographers. ThatRead More →

Yeah, I know, I am way behind with updating this blog… my entries from Belfast in May, Zurich in July and Prague in August are missing. I promise they will come within the next days… but let’s start with some underwater pics. Last weekend I was in a lake not too far from Cologne for the ‚Critters im Rheinland‘ UW-macro workshop. It was really interesting, I had a great buddy for two of the three dives we did in the lake and I learned a lot about how to optimize my equipment. I am going to show some pics but note that I am notRead More →