After the rest of the group had left I stayed for another 4 days because I had thought that I needed some time to relax and recover. Which basically was not the case but I still was happy to stay on and spend some more time in Svolvaer. I walked around during the day and during the first day on my own there I had phantastic weather. Sun and mirror effects in the water. In the evening there was no cloud in the sky and I got what I had thought of when I had booked a room with a balcony. And a balcony that is not illuminated at night. 🙂 It was really cool to sit on my balcony with tripod set up and take lots of pics. Would have been easier without street lamps on the island across and having another balcony above me and etc etc etc – there is always something that is disturbing. 😀 I am still happy that I saw the northern lights from my balcony. And I am surprised now again about how many colors I detected on the pics.