And then I already was on my last day in Norway. Didn’t do a lot because there was not really that much to do in Svolvaer. So I walked in a direction where I hadn’t walked yet to explore the village some more. Going geocaching usually helps to find interesting places and that is what I did there as well. So here are some more pics from Svolvaer. The next morning I went to the airport, flew to Bodo, from there to Oslo and from Oslo back to Germany. Bye Norway – see you soon again. 😉 😀Read More →

For that day I had booked a trip on a catamaran to Trollfjorden where sea eagles were on the list of things to see as well. I didn’t want to go on a small boat and with lots of wind that day the catamaran was a much better option. I could hide from the wind and when it was too cold for someone they could comfortably sit inside. The boat was not full so there was enough space to take pics. We were passing on small islands where we saw eagles sitting – two of them maybe in their nest. They didn’t fly that dayRead More →

After the rest of the group had left I stayed for another 4 days because I had thought that I needed some time to relax and recover. Which basically was not the case but I still was happy to stay on and spend some more time in Svolvaer. I walked around during the day and during the first day on my own there I had phantastic weather. Sun and mirror effects in the water. In the evening there was no cloud in the sky and I got what I had thought of when I had booked a room with a balcony. And a balcony thatRead More →

Today was the last day for the rest of the group. Since the weather forecast gave us a nice sunrise at Gimsoy we decided to get up early (4 AM is not really my time to wake up 😀 ) and 4:30 we were off towards Gimsoy where we expected a wonderful sunrise at that photogenic church on the beach. As usual in Norway you always better have a plan B…. 😉 We started to take pics during blue hour but at some point it was clear that there would be no sunrise. Since the forecast for Svolvaer was much better we jumped into theRead More →

Day 7 – after breakfast we had an hour of comparing photo-processing programs and workflow. The group was interested in comparing the possibilities because we had different programs so it was possible to do direct comparisons with the same picture. So we put some into checking things out. After lunch we started again towards south. The street sign you can see is really funny if you speak german. ‚Links‘ is german for ‚left‘. So if you see a sign something with ‚links/left‘ but it points to the right that is funny. 😉We stopped at the red house again. We had been there the first dayRead More →

After the phantastic northern lights we decided to head north instead of south again. First stop was a lake with mirror effect again but there we detected a boat – that is a highlight in pics like that. Below you find pics a bit in disorder again as they are from my mobile that I took while we were driving around and two cameras.Second stop was a view point over a lake with a church that was mirrored in the water again. Since this lake was not small there were different views for us to take pics of. Third stop was an sunken boat. AndRead More →

When I woke up that morning I was very tired and thought that it might be a good idea to take a break since I still had several days to go with the workshop and I didn’t want to overdo it. During breakfast we talked about the plans for the day and it was a late start. So I decided to go after all. After breakfast back to bed to sleep some more and I was ready to go later. 🙂 We stopped for a mirror-fotostop on a lake with some mountains and then headed for a late lunch/early dinner at Leknes. From there weRead More →

Day 4 was our longest day and the most challenging one for me. We slept in again (no sunrise according to weather forecast) but when I got up I saw a nice pic from our appartment. Mirror effect on the water again – I LOVE it when I have a room with a view. 😉 After breakfast we started to go south. You see that I have the sign towards A now too. 😀 Since weather is very unstable on the Lofoten we saw lots of rainbows and I took pics with me mobile phone as well. That is the reason why the pics areRead More →

Again we didn’t see any sunrise weather so we slept in (breakfast 8 AM) 😉 and then started another tour. The first spot was a stony ‚beach‘ – no sand at all but waves coming in and giving us some good opportunity to play around. After a while we continued and found a small pool with a waterfall in the mountain behind. I didn’t go down to the pool as it was too steep for me and took separate pics. Not long after we had stopped there it started to rain. There was a second waterfall but only half of us went there – theRead More →

The next morning we went to a hotel for breakfast and then started our first photo-day. The pics below are not in the correct order because I used two different cameras. We first stopped at a little lake with grass and a hill in the background. After that spot Raik, our tourleader, saw something while driving and we found a little river where the mirror effect was really cool. And we had some autumn colours there. Next stop was the gas mask house. And then we went to Gimsoy where the church is a well known photospot on the Lofoten. After that the weather wasRead More →

So, the next day I had breakfast and then I went to the airport to fly over to the Lofoten. When checking in online the boarding pass showed checked in luggage as 0 allowed which was not what I needed since I didn’t want to leave my suitcase behind. 😉 So I added one piece of luggage. When I didn’t get a confirmation I contacted the travel agency to check if they got it since they had booked the flight. They didn’t but told me that I just had added a third suitcase. Great – I had only one. So at the airport I triedRead More →