Day 4 was our longest day and the most challenging one for me. We slept in again (no sunrise according to weather forecast) but when I got up I saw a nice pic from our appartment. Mirror effect on the water again – I LOVE it when I have a room with a view. 😉 After breakfast we started to go south. You see that I have the sign towards A now too. 😀 Since weather is very unstable on the Lofoten we saw lots of rainbows and I took pics with me mobile phone as well. That is the reason why the pics are in no order whatsoever since they are from three different sources: mobile and 2 cameras. We stopped at the ‚White house‘ first and we only had a short moment with a lighting situation that I love: sun in the foreground and dramatic dark grey clouds in the background. For some reason the neighbour took pics of us – he didn’t approach us and no idea why he would take pics of us in front of the white house. This house was THE place I wanted to go. So we stopped.
Then we continued to two very famous bridges but didn’t stop yet. Next stop: Reine. One of the most famous villages on the Lofoten. Raik had to let us out of the van and then he drove around since most parking lots were either closed or full. We went on the area with the panorama view and again we had dramatic light situations – and we could see what was coming before it hit is: hail, rain and that with a rainbow. 😀
After that we continued to Moskenes where we had lots of seagulls, rain, rainbow and then mirror in the water again. That was the point to turn around and go back. We had something to eat in a famous fish restaurant in Reine and then continued to Hamnoy where I passed and stayed in the van. We stopped on a view to the two famous bridges and it was crazy… a van with asian people stopped and when they started to take pics in front of us they seemed to have gotten the order not to stand in front of us because they were suddenly moving away. But a few minutes later one asian woman just got in front of the tripod of one guy from our group. My room-mate was really cool because she went over to stand in directly in front of the mobile phone of that woman asked her not to stand in front of someones camera. That was really funny. 😀 Not sure the asian woman liked that. 😉
Next stop was the most famous and most photographed red house on the Lofoten. We waited for sunset but again it was hidden behind clouds. So we went back to the car and drove over to Skagsanden beach in Flakstad. And there we waited for her: LADY AURORA. And she didn’t disappoint. She came out with some green and pink. The others went to the beach but I stayed close to the car in the parking lot. So I don’t have award winning pics of the northern lights but just pictures of northern lights. 😉 When we finally drove back to Svolvaer (which was a 2 hours drive) we were accompanied by northern lights. We could see it the entire time and when we were back in the appartment I took my tripod upstairs to take a pic with the northern lights over Svolvaer. 🙂