So, the next day I had breakfast and then I went to the airport to fly over to the Lofoten. When checking in online the boarding pass showed checked in luggage as 0 allowed which was not what I needed since I didn’t want to leave my suitcase behind. 😉 So I added one piece of luggage. When I didn’t get a confirmation I contacted the travel agency to check if they got it since they had booked the flight. They didn’t but told me that I just had added a third suitcase. Great – I had only one. So at the airport I tried to clarify this but the ladies were not able to help me. When I wanted to scan in my suitcase at the drop off machine that didn’t work either and I was told that the sorting system at the airport in Bodo needed adjustments.
The flight over to Svolvaer was only 25 minutes. I had my mobile phone ready to take some pics. Once I was in Svolvaer I took a taxi into town to a restaurant where I waited for another participant from our group and then get the keys to our appartments. While I was sitting there I sensed a movement behind me and when I turned around I saw that huge seagull. Good thing there was glas between us. 😀 Then the second participant arrived and we were shown to our appartments I was very happy because the one that I was in was on the highest floor and we had a wonderful view. When my room-mate arrived we started to learn how to switch on the lights (took us about 2 days to finally understand how it works 😀 ). We didn’t waste any time and went for a short photosession at blue hour and started our photo workshop. That was day 1… 🙂