After the phantastic northern lights we decided to head north instead of south again. First stop was a lake with mirror effect again but there we detected a boat – that is a highlight in pics like that. Below you find pics a bit in disorder again as they are from my mobile that I took while we were driving around and two cameras.
Second stop was a view point over a lake with a church that was mirrored in the water again. Since this lake was not small there were different views for us to take pics of. Third stop was an sunken boat. And I was so lucky because when suddenly an owl flew in to sit on the mast for a minute I was taking pics so I have it in my pics. Before the owl a craw had done the same but she stayed longer and in those minutes I was not taking pics. Along the picturesque landscape we had another stop at a small light house. From there we made our way back to Svolvaer and I saw from our appartment that there was mirror effect on the water there as well… cameraaaaaaaaa…… 😉