Again we didn’t see any sunrise weather so we slept in (breakfast 8 AM) 😉 and then started another tour. The first spot was a stony ‚beach‘ – no sand at all but waves coming in and giving us some good opportunity to play around. After a while we continued and found a small pool with a waterfall in the mountain behind. I didn’t go down to the pool as it was too steep for me and took separate pics. Not long after we had stopped there it started to rain. There was a second waterfall but only half of us went there – the rest stayed in the van and I was one of them. 😀 This time I took some pics along the road as well. I wanted to make pics of street signs for the alphabet. There was a sign pointing towards ‚A‘ and below you see the one for ‚Bo‘. 😀 We stopped at a lost place again where some sheep started to stare at us. But we seem to have bored them because they didn’t come closer. On the way back we stopped at our usual ‚toilet-stop‘ but this time to take pics of a lake where some curious light situations were showing. We could take panorama-pics but I haven’t put them together yet. Last stop was on a beach that was next to the road back to Svolvaer. The others went to a beach around the corner but I stayed up to the view point over this beach. And I think my pics from there are not that bad. 🙂 After that back home and it was pizza-night for us because there was no real chance for a sunset. Pics again are not in the chronological order due to usage of two different cameras.