Weekend in Venice

10/04/2013 0 Von andiline

Soooooo…. sometime in February I got itchy again and I just booked a flight to Venice. The flight to Venice was friday at 7 PM and the flight back at sunday 9 PM. So really good times for a short trip. Booked a hotel close to the train station too and I was ready to go. Last friday the time had come. Flight was super on time and we landed 15 minutes early. Went out of the airport, took a taxi and half an hour later I was already sitting in a ristorante enjoying my spaghetti carbonara. The next two days I walked around a lot, went three times with a boat along the Canale Grande and had wonderful polarization-filter weather. I took lots of pics and played around with light and filters. Learned more and even took some nice pics. Here are a few of them…. 🙂fc-ducale