Well… after the underwater pics from last weekend I have to start catching up with my trips. First of all the ‚oldest‘ one: Belfast. I went there over Pentecost, flew over on Friday and came back on Monday. I flew to Dublin and took the bus to Belfast from there. This is easy – unless there is an accident on the highway which closes it entirely to traffic and you have a plane to catch… but since I somehow had a hunch that it would be a good idea to take a very early bus I still had plenty of time to reach my flightRead More →

While I travelled Ireland there were some places where just one pic was not able to take in the beauty of it all. Which is why I took a lot of pictures to afterwards stitch them to a panorama-pic. Unfortunately I was sick again this week so today was the first time I had the time to work on them. If you click on them they will be shown in a bigger version. Beautiful dog’s beach. I think if the sun had been shining this could easily have been went for a carribbean beach… (or mediterranean). Doolin Beach Galway Inis Oirr with the Cliffs ofRead More →

And then it was already time to go home. Since my flight was only in the early afternoon I could have done more sightseeing on the last morning but…. it was raining. And hard. So I decided to try and go to Moore Street Market and hope that the rain would at least lessen. But that didn’t happen and Moore Street Market was not really open either. So I went back to the hotel to dry before I had to go to the airport. Flight was very bumpy as we had to fly through a thunderstorm area close to Cologne so I was glad whenRead More →

The next day was my only full day in Dublin. When I woke up it was raining so I took my time as the weather forecast had said it would get better around noon. I left the hotel around 11 and went to Trinity College where the famous Old Library is. It was really interesting (but crowded). When I got out I walked a bit around the Campus and then suddenly the sun came out. So I took some more pics. After that I went back to exploring Dublin. After a couple of hours I went back to the hotel to rest a bit. LaterRead More →

What did I expect when I planned a trip to Ireland? Rain! And I am not getting disappointed. Since it is raining again I am taking my time this morning before venturing out. There is no hurry. 🙂 The only thing I have to do today is go to our Dublin office to meet a colleague. But that is later today. Yesterday I took the train from Galway to Dublin which was a rather uneventful ride. At the train station I jumped in a taxi and checked in to my hotel which is close to the ‚Temple Bar‘ area. Temple Bar is the part ofRead More →

OK, I know I was a bit lazy yesterday evening after I came back from the Aran Islands. The Aran Islands are three islands that can be reached via coach tour and boat from Galway or from Doolin by boat. Since I was in Galway I took coach and boat. Coach ride is 45 minutes and boat 1 hour. I had thought a lot about which of the three islands I wanted to visit and finally had decided on Inis Oirr, the smallest one. Once arrived on Inis Oirr I rented a bike and off I went. First towards the ship wreck. Unfortunately Inis OirrRead More →

Today I had a day ‚off‘. The plan was to walk around Galway as much as I could before the rain started. All in all I was lucky as obviously the heavy rain was elsewhere (I could see it in Connemara this morning). So I was able to walk around for 3 hours this morning before it started to rain. And I found another 1 hour stretch without rain in the afternoon. In the morning I walked around the city first and then wanted to walk over to Salthill. Since I could see a beautiful lighthouse in the distance I thought it was what everyoneRead More →

Initially I had booked my two tours for thursday and saturday but the weather forecast had been saying for a week that saturday it would be raining. And the closer we got the worse the forecast became. So finally I checked with Spirit of Ireland and fortunaly they were flexible enough to switch. So today james came to get me again in the morning and this time we went south of Galway. We stopped at a lot of ruins (as you will see on the pics). There were some really picturesque ones and we found one graveyard with a round tower and a church-ruin thatRead More →

Well, I had a quiet flight to Dublin yesterday and upon arrival it took some time to walk to the Terminal. And the looooong way is full of ads for Ryan Air. They are irish. Figures… 😉 Once arrived at the Terminal I had to go through Passport Control and then finally I could get my suitcase. After that I went in search for my bus to Galway. Since there was a ticket-counter (labelled Tourist information) I bought a ticket for the Eireann-bus only to find out too late that the direct bus that takes 30 minutes less left at the same gate… oh well.Read More →

… I will be off to Ireland tomorrow. Unfortunately the weather forecast is not really good so I am going to pack my waterproof outdoor-clothes. I ordered additional protective gear for my camera too but maybe I should bring the underwater-housing… 😉 Can’t wait and totally curious!Read More →