Inis Oirr

04/05/2015 1 Von andiline

OK, I know I was a bit lazy yesterday evening after I came back from the Aran Islands. The Aran Islands are three islands that can be reached via coach tour and boat from Galway or from Doolin by boat. Since I was in Galway I took coach and boat. Coach ride is 45 minutes and boat 1 hour. I had thought a lot about which of the three islands I wanted to visit and finally had decided on Inis Oirr, the smallest one. Once arrived on Inis Oirr I rented a bike and off I went. First towards the ship wreck. Unfortunately Inis Oirr is not a flat island so riding the bike was up and down the hill all the time. I stopped a lot to take pics though. Since the boats from Galway and Doolin had arrived at the same time and everyone went towards the same sights you met the same people over and over again. The ones I met were nearly all german… When I was on my way towards the atlantic side of the island which I had been told would be very wild it started to rain… I was very wet pretty fast so I decided to turn around and return the bike. Cycling in the downpour is no fun. So finally I could use the umbrella that my hotel had given to me… I was told that there would be a cafe nearby and since I hadn’t eaten anything yet I went to eat something but when I arrived there I saw that they had food only from 12 to 3 an from 6 to 9. Since it was 3 o’clock I was too late. There was a small supermarket so I went to buy some cookies instead. After that it continued to rain for about another 10 minutes and then it stopped. My clothes were still damp when I was back in Galway… So I went to the beach and spent the remaining time there. I even saw the resident dolphin (i. e. I saw two dolphins at some point so there is not just one). Once I was back in Galway I was too tired to do anything else and I slept nearly 11 hours that night…

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