Well… after the underwater pics from last weekend I have to start catching up with my trips. First of all the ‚oldest‘ one: Belfast. I went there over Pentecost, flew over on Friday and came back on Monday. I flew to Dublin and took the bus to Belfast from there. This is easy – unless there is an accident on the highway which closes it entirely to traffic and you have a plane to catch… but since I somehow had a hunch that it would be a good idea to take a very early bus I still had plenty of time to reach my flight – others were less fortunate.

As a short resume of the trip I have to say that I immensely enjoyed my second trip to Ireland although the weather was really irish and I got soaked through to the underwear several times during my day trip to the Giant’s Causeway. But still – that is Ireland and I really like that country. Belfast was nice too and I enjoyed exploring the city. I don’t usually to the ‚hop on hop off‘-thing because you are wasting a lot of time waiting for the next bus. It was the best option for me though although I DID spend a lot of time waiting for the next bus. 😉 Although… at the Titanic Museum I spent a lot more time taking pics before the crowds came in. 🙂

Here are some impressions from the three days…


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