First day exploring Ireland…

30/04/2015 2 Von andiline

Well, I had a quiet flight to Dublin yesterday and upon arrival it took some time to walk to the Terminal. And the looooong way is full of ads for Ryan Air. They are irish. Figures… 😉 Once arrived at the Terminal I had to go through Passport Control and then finally I could get my suitcase. After that I went in search for my bus to Galway. Since there was a ticket-counter (labelled Tourist information) I bought a ticket for the Eireann-bus only to find out too late that the direct bus that takes 30 minutes less left at the same gate… oh well. I thought about going with the direct one anyway but then decided against it since nobody was waiting for me… Bus tour was mostly highway but towards the end we went through a couple of villages which was nice so I got a first glimpse on the irish countryside. One of the first things I saw was a sardinian restaurant. Welcome to Ireland…. 😀 😀 😀


Once in Galway my hotel was just across the street and I checked in. Since I needed to drink a lot I went over to the deli to get some water-bottles. After that I had a steak at the restaurant of the hotel. I will go in search of a nice pub in the next days. At the corner of my block there is pub where I heard some irish live-tunes passing by so that was what I expect from Ireland… after dinner I just read a bit and then went to sleep.

This morning I got up early because I had organized a car with driver and James, the driver, was supposed to meet me at 8:30 AM at my hotel. He was on time and we started the day. First I told him what I wanted to see and he thought about how to do it. Since most of the places I had written down were on a round-trip there were no problems. We didn’t really drive that much (I think in the end it was about 200 km – 160 miles) but I got to see so many different places. You drive 20 km and the landscape is entirely different. We had abbeys, churches, colourfull houses, a cemetery at a beach, wonderful sandy beaches, hills in different browns, greens and yellows, clouds mirrored on the water, gorse (yellow plants, ‚Ginster‘ in german) and of course: SHEEP! 😉 Here are some impressions. First my favorite pic from Kylemore Abbey. This Abbey is in a lot of books, on postcards, calendars… when we got there is was cloudy but just when I was about to go back to the car a few sunrays illuminated the Abbey. And ONLY the Abbey… it was magic… 🙂

And here some more impressions…
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