Galway city

02/05/2015 2 Von andiline

Today I had a day ‚off‘. The plan was to walk around Galway as much as I could before the rain started. All in all I was lucky as obviously the heavy rain was elsewhere (I could see it in Connemara this morning). So I was able to walk around for 3 hours this morning before it started to rain. And I found another 1 hour stretch without rain in the afternoon. In the morning I walked around the city first and then wanted to walk over to Salthill. Since I could see a beautiful lighthouse in the distance I thought it was what everyone was talking about. So I went on the 20 minutes-tour over the dam that lead to the lighthouse… only to find a closed door and it was not possible to go to the lighthouse. 🙁 There was a security camera and I am pretty sure that whoever is watching the footage is having a lot of fun when he/she sees the faces of the stupid tourists who expect to see the lighthouse and find themselves locked out….
In the afternoon I went to see the Galway cathedral which is really beautiful inside. So here are the pics from today…

IMG_8853 IMG_8854 IMG_8861 IMG_8863 IMG_8867 IMG_8868 IMG_8881 IMG_8891 IMG_8895 IMG_8902 IMG_8905 IMG_8906 IMG_8912 IMG_8958 IMG_8962 IMG_8964 IMG_8974 IMG_9010 IMG_9014 IMG_9018 IMG_9022 IMG_9029 IMG_9033 IMG_9034 IMG_9037 IMG_9045 IMG_9047 IMG_9050 IMG_9067 IMG_9071 IMG_9078