Let’s start with the pics of my big camera first before I post the pics of my mobile. I didn’t always have my big camera with me – especially when we went diving. And I regretted it when we went on beautiful beaches for lunch. But mobile phones nowadays take great pics too so…La Paz was a bit of a shock after the quiet days in Loreto. My hotel was at the malecon (beach promenade) and that was not quiet. Each evening we saw the same cars drive up and down the malecon. Especially the ones with the loud music were the ones we noticed.Read More →

From Loreto it was another 4 h drive back to La Paz. Which was uneventful while I was already missing my friends from Loreto. Shortly before La Paz there was a police control but we didn’t have a problem. They were busy taking apart an expensive looking car… 😉 Once arrived at my hotel I checked in and later walked along the Malecon – the beach promenade. Then had dinner at the restaurant of a nearby hotel and it wasn’t good. That night there was a party somewhere close by which was still raging at 4:30… I asked for a different room the next morning.Read More →

I don’t usually blog pics from my mobile phone and even less food pics… but Loreto has had such great food that I am making an exception. One from our group of friends went fishing one morning and in the restaurants in Loreto they are happy to cook it for you. So here are some more pics from Loreto as I didn’t always have my big camera with me… 🙂Read More →

On my last day in Loreto I had booked another tour to the grey whales. So we took another 2 h drive through the canyon to go over to Magdalena Bay on the Pacific-side of Baja California. And I hoped that this time the whales would come to the boat to play. But… nature is unpredictable and so that day we saw ONE grey whale in the distance. The capt’n tried everything but there was nothing he could do. If the whales don’t want to show up they won’t. I added one pic so you can see that the waves were rather high. But theRead More →

I had known before going to Loreto that I wanted to go blue whale watching. Turned out that my new friends Kim and Bob wanted to come so we were on the same boat together with another german-speaking, Susanne. I like that the tour company is not trying to put as many people on the boat as possible because there were more boats out – which turned out to be good for us. Not only made it whale watching more comfortable but because the brand new motor of our boat broke down towards the end of the tour and Kim needed to be at theRead More →

Sorry but I am a bit busy these days so I don’t have time to blog. And when I have I am too lazy… 😉 Reports and pics will follow at the latest when I get back home…Read More →

So… after all the exitement my body thought that I needed some time off in order to just relax. Since the weather was supposed to be bad (very windy) I didn’t really want to go in the water after freezing like hell the day before so I cancelled my dive day. The sky was clear though so I walked over into the city in the morning and since it was perfect photo weather I took a lot of pics. Loreto is small enough that I ran into most of the few people I know here. One of the things about Loreto I really like. IRead More →

So we went out to go diving again. On the way to Coronado Island we saw dolphins and one of them jumped so high that it gae me enough time to grab my camera and get him on a pic… 🙂 We went to a sealion colony and went diving there. I didn’t take the camera in the water on the first dive as I wanted to enjoy myself. The sealions were playful among themselves but obviously didn’t want to interact with us. It was amazing though that even in a depth of 12 m you could hear them (the ones above water). We sawRead More →

Day 3 was the day I met some new friends: Bob, Kimberley, Robert and Capt’n Kiki. 🙂 We were a good group on the boat and we have been doing stuff together ever since. Yago was our guide (but he is owner of Blue Nations too) and he explained us a lot of things. One of the nudibranches is a tiger nudibranch (it is not the one with the stripes but the similar one – the one with the stripes is the tiger’s food). Since I am into macro I sometimes take random shots and as usual I find things on my pics that IRead More →

So the reason why I came up to Loreto is because it is closer to the grey whales. They come down to Mexico to give birth and mate. The interesting thing is that the curious calves get close to the boats and you can touch the whales (not interested in touching them but looking them in the eye must be pretty impressive). On the way down to the other side of Baja California we were told that this year they hadn’t seen many babies yet. So we didn’t think we would see any. But the first whales we saw were mom with baby. And weRead More →

So…. I had lots of work, carnival, been sick twice…. and it was a really bad time to go on vacation from a work point of view but… it was booked. Lucky me! 😉 So two days ago I left for Frankfurt from where I took a direct flight to Mexico City. Watched Mamma Mia II but was not impressed… I arrived in the evening and it took forever till my suitcases came out. But I passed the time watching a customs guy with his dog. Not entirely sure what the dog was sniffing for but whenever he put his paw on a suitcase theRead More →