Day 5 – Day off

So… after all the exitement my body thought that I needed some time off in order to just relax. Since the weather was supposed to be bad (very windy) I didn’t really want to go in the water after freezing like hell the day before so I cancelled my dive day. The sky was clear though so I walked over into the city in the morning and since it was perfect photo weather I took a lot of pics. Loreto is small enough that I ran into most of the few people I know here. One of the things about Loreto I really like. I don’t know a lot of people here but the ones I know – we keep running into each other even if we didn’t set a meeting point and time. Here are the pics…

In the evening I met up again with the gang and it was funny that all divers seem to go to the same restaurants because even the ones who didn’t know we were there came to eat at the same place. We laughed a lot and had a fun evening again.

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