Day 3 was the day I met some new friends: Bob, Kimberley, Robert and Capt’n Kiki. 🙂 We were a good group on the boat and we have been doing stuff together ever since. Yago was our guide (but he is owner of Blue Nations too) and he explained us a lot of things. One of the nudibranches is a tiger nudibranch (it is not the one with the stripes but the similar one – the one with the stripes is the tiger’s food). Since I am into macro I sometimes take random shots and as usual I find things on my pics that I didn’t see under water. In this case I found several skeleton shrimps (on pic 7 there is a skeleton is hiding behind a white stuff) and a small lady bug – but that is not clear. When I actually looked for skeletons the next day I didn’t find any. So here we go with dive-pics – the only ones I have from Loreto.