La Paz over water – big camera first

Let’s start with the pics of my big camera first before I post the pics of my mobile. I didn’t always have my big camera with me – especially when we went diving. And I regretted it when we went on beautiful beaches for lunch. But mobile phones nowadays take great pics too so…
La Paz was a bit of a shock after the quiet days in Loreto. My hotel was at the malecon (beach promenade) and that was not quiet. Each evening we saw the same cars drive up and down the malecon. Especially the ones with the loud music were the ones we noticed. 😉 Along the malecon there is a lot of artwork that comes in handy when you need a nice foreground for a sunset. But there is a lot of art all over the city as well, mostly murales. I didn’t explore as much as I wanted over water as once I was sick I didn’t really feel like exploring that much. Otherwise I would probably gone on an excursion to explore the area some more.

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