Day 7 – Grey whales … or not

On my last day in Loreto I had booked another tour to the grey whales. So we took another 2 h drive through the canyon to go over to Magdalena Bay on the Pacific-side of Baja California. And I hoped that this time the whales would come to the boat to play. But… nature is unpredictable and so that day we saw ONE grey whale in the distance. The capt’n tried everything but there was nothing he could do. If the whales don’t want to show up they won’t. I added one pic so you can see that the waves were rather high. But the pangas (boats) are built in a way that you don’t get wet. I found that really amazing…

So we went on the dunes, watched fregatte birds again, had dolphins next to the boat. Then lunch at a local restaurant again and back to Loreto. The better part of the day came when I met with my friends again to have the final dinner. And as it happens in Loreto the owners of the dive-shop walked by so it was a propper send-off for me. It was not easy to say good-bye at the end of the evening as I had had a wonderful time with the best group of people… here a few pics from that day.

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