Since it will be a late day in the office today I am taking my time this morning. I still owe you the last pictures of the days in Sydney. After my dives in the morning I went over to the luna park in the late afternoon. My idea was to stay there till it got dark and take pics then. Unfortunately the park was closed so I just took some pics with still cool photo-light and then went back to my hotel. Had dinner here….  The next morning it was raining so I decided to pay a visit to the Aquarium. During my firstRead More →

I am back home already and I think my colleagues would be shocked if I showed up in the office before 9 AM (let’s see if they still know who I am… 😉 ). Since I got up at 6 AM this morning I prepared the pics from the last dive-days. I still need to upload the last pics from Sydney. Probably going to do that either tonight or tomorrow… Let’s get back to the last day in Lembeh. We had planned an explorer dive and it turned out that this was a really good place. We found some cool stuff like pygmy denise, hairyRead More →

Today you see a happy diver again. The two morning dives were unbelievable. I will have to count how many different kinds of nudibranches we saw. It was at least 20 and there were several that I hadn’t seen before. After more than 100 dives here in Lembeh I am still amazed at how much stuff I am still seeing that I haven’t seen before. Tomorrow morning we will go on an explorer dive and then to a dive-site that I don’t know yet. So I will probably have two very interesting dives as a finish for these dive-days. In the afternoon I have toRead More →

Today’s dives were somehow quiet. The fun I have during a dive does not depend on the number of pictures that I have. Sometimes I just enjoy observing the fish chasing each other and just live their lifes. 😉 But we did see some cool stuff again. I don’t have pics of everything as sometimes the moment to take it is over before I can shoot (like when a predator is grabbing something to eat). Transparent shrimp Paulus searching for cool stuff Little pink froggie Saw-blade shrimpDuring the dive we found this nudibranch that was laying it’s eggs. What both Paulus and I did NOTRead More →

Today I was better with my camera. And we found some real unusual stuff too. I am happier with my pics today than I way yesterday. But then we didn’t have hairy shrimp today. 😉 But again beautiful frogfish. While there are always frogfish around I find the colours are much more beautiful these days. So far I have seen one new colouring every day… When we went up to get back on the boat after the second dive, Paulus pointed at something and I saw a jellyfish. For a moment I thought about swimming over and taking pics but then I saw the tentaclesRead More →

I am getting more familiar with my equipment but I keep making mistakes… two long foto-sessions with green hairy shrimp today and on the first one I had forgotten to put the camera back to the right settings and on the second one I didn’t realize that the flash didn’t arrive at the shrimp… not happy with those pics. But of course we had lots of nice encounters again today… so here are some pics from today. Some is the usual stuff and some is not so usual stuff… ‚Hello-ho!‘ Sceleton shrimp – it is not easier to get them in focus with my newRead More →

Today we went on a day trip ‚around the corner‘. So out of Lembeh Strait. And found some more interesting stuff. For the first time I used my macro-lense with the new camera and initially it was a nightmare. After the first dive I told Paulus that I had problems with it and then he helped me. On the third dive we had a 10 minute photo-session with a pink hairy shrimp and a green shrimp. I AM happy with two of the pink hairy-pics but not so happy with the green one. He kept moving around so that was not so much fun. 🙂Read More →

Sorry, I think the remaining Sydney-pics will have to wait till I am back home… too busy diving in Indonesia… 😉 here are a few pics from today… it is amazing that even after about 200 dives that I have done here in Lembeh so far I always see things I haven’t seen before… This goby had parasites… Lots of pipefish today… difficult to get good pics though… One up and one down…. Octopus in a shell… Pipefish Do you see the shrimp inside? Interesting fish – not sure I have seen it before… After this shot he was gone… 😉 Never seen this slugRead More →

Sitting at the airport in Sydney, waiting for my flight to Singapore where I will arrive around midnight. Tomorrow morning I am flying over to Manado in Sulawesi for another week of blissfull diving with my singing guide Paulus. Have wandered around a lot yesterday and this morning again to see a quarter that I still wanted to visit. 5 days in Sydney are not enough though as I haven’t done all the things I wanted to do. My feet still hurt from walking around several hours this morning. But since I will be sitting for 8 or 9 hours before we arrive in SingaporeRead More →

Taking it slowly this morning as it is raining. The weather forecast says it will stop around lunchtime so I might visit the aquarium this morning. I was there 12 years ago and loved it. Since I haven’tloaded the pics from Luna Park yesterday evening to my laptop yet, I will give you the dive-pics today. What you can see on them is kelp, the weedy seadragon (it is a male with eggs and they are 45 cm long – so not really small), a couple of nudis, a blue groper and a southern fiddle ray. As you can see on most pics, sand wayRead More →

Today I went diving and I am a happy girl now because I found a Weedy Seadragon and that was what I had wished for. I am really thankful to the Abyss Scuba Diving in Sydney who chose the dive site because yesterday they had found 6 seadragons there. I found one and after that they were all hiding but one was enough for me! 🙂 Totally happy. Pics to come tomorrow. Here are the pics from my exploring yesterday…Sydney does remind me a lot of New York with old and new buildings next to each other… The Rocks… These houses reminded me a bitRead More →

So here are yesterday’s pics. I made even more today as the sky was blue again although the wind was a bit chilly. Walked around all morning and met another UW-Fotographer around lunch-time and spent some time chatting with her. Was really great to meet her. Then I went back to the hotel and spent another photosession at dusk on the rooftop-deck. After this entry I have to prepare my dive-gear as I am going diving tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that I am going to see my weedy seadragons! 🙂 These are some nice houses in ‚The Rocks‘. The building in the left isRead More →

Wow, why did I think it is cold in sydney in Winter? It is 32° here and I am back at my hotel relaxing because my feet hurt. Good thing I am here too since I just got an answer from a dive-shop that they will take me out on tuesday. Let’s start from the beginning… I was supposed to go diving today and tomorrow but that dive-shop was a bit weird. As soon as I had the dives booked they didn’t answer to my emails any more. I had to send about 3 emails to get one answer and that never included everything IRead More →

  My time in Vanuatu is nearly over. I will post a few more pics when I am in Sydney but this is my ‚good bye‘-pic. It is one of the blue holes. A picture of a blue hole that had been posted on Facebook was how my plans for Vanuatu started in the first place…. So now I have seen them in person. I had a very interesting trip to Vanuatu, this country is amazing. In hindsight I would do a few things differently but if you don’t know the area it is not easy to do everything right. The Ni-Vanuatu (inhabitants) are kindRead More →

Since one of the guys at reception kindly gave me his mobile modem I am able to upload some pics (he allowed me to do that). Before I start with underwater pics I would like to upload a special one. This is in memory of my aunt Marietta whose birthday would have been today. I won’t be able to visit her grave today as it is back home but I went to a cemetery here on Santo yesterday. My aunt died 2.5 years ago and I can honestly say that without her I probably wouldn’t be here in Vanuatu right now. I am just sadRead More →

Sorry, no pics today. The internet of the resort does not work and my own is too slow for uploading the underwater pics. But let me show you a pic of my newest love, Niki. 😉 Isn’t he cute? He is one of the kids who initially was a bit skeptical when he saw me. He warmed up to me in the course of the morning though. His dad Lionel is the head dive-master of the dive-shop I have been diving with the past days. And he kindly offered to drive me around today (I paid him though as I didn’t want to take advantageRead More →

Well, here are the last pictures from Malekula. Tomorrow there will be underwater-pictures and since I will go on an island-tour tomorrow (hopefully with the sun because for the blue holes I NEED sun!) you will see more of Espiritu Santo on friday. Friday will be my last day here. I have a tour booked in the morning that will lead me to the blue holes as well but the weather is supposed to be worse again on friday. So, here are pics from the Big Nambas, the other cannibal tribe on Malekula. I was told that it was a tradition that women had herRead More →