Big Nambas

Big Nambas

01/10/2014 0 Von andiline

Well, here are the last pictures from Malekula. Tomorrow there will be underwater-pictures and since I will go on an island-tour tomorrow (hopefully with the sun because for the blue holes I NEED sun!) you will see more of Espiritu Santo on friday. Friday will be my last day here. I have a tour booked in the morning that will lead me to the blue holes as well but the weather is supposed to be worse again on friday.

So, here are pics from the Big Nambas, the other cannibal tribe on Malekula. I was told that it was a tradition that women had her two front teeth removed when they got married. So when a guy was looking for a wife and a toothless woman smiled at him he knew that she was already married. 😉 They stopped this about 30 years ago and I didn’t see any woman without her two front teeth.

And the dance begins…


Women with kids


To be honest I think that these costumes are not really very nice….


This is what they traditionally use for music…





The women’s dance…


Men’s dance


Blowing the conch…


I think that this was the public dance… that girl gave me the evil eye the entire time… 😉 Btw. did you notice that some of the kids are blonde? I have seen some adults in Port Vila with hair that was not as dark as the ‚usual‘ colour but I have been told that the ‚blond‘ of the kids gets darker when they grow up.


And the school fo the village…