Last Sydney pics

24/10/2014 0 Von andiline

Since it will be a late day in the office today I am taking my time this morning. I still owe you the last pictures of the days in Sydney. After my dives in the morning I went over to the luna park in the late afternoon. My idea was to stay there till it got dark and take pics then. Unfortunately the park was closed so I just took some pics with still cool photo-light and then went back to my hotel.

IMG_2541 Had dinner here….  IMG_2600

The next morning it was raining so I decided to pay a visit to the Aquarium. During my first visit to Sydney I had been there and still know that I had been very impressed. After nine years as a diver I am not very impressed any more. These animals, especially all the sharks, should not be kept in captivitiy. I am pretty sure they would never eat salad in the oceans. Saw my first dugongs there as well.IMG_2686

Doesn’t the dugong have the sweetest face? And it is eating…. salad…IMG_2711

And this little boy somehow looks very human. A bit like ‚pinocchio-fish‘ 😉IMG_2783

When I got out of the Aquarium the weather was supposed to clear up (according to the forecast) and I took the ship over to Manly Beach. First thing I saw when I arrived at the pier in Manly was a german discounter… 😀IMG_2826

Old houses in ManlyIMG_2841

Life guard setting up the sign that it is dangerous to swim

IMG_2846 IMG_2851 IMG_2866

Typical australian pic I would say… I assume that this as a school class taking surf-lessonsIMG_2873

Another typical pic, doves swarming around (you better have no food in the open), while someone is sunbathing and in the back the whale-watching boat is on it’s way back homeIMG_2894

I was impressed by this action plan…IMG_2908

On the way back to the cityIMG_2919

That night we had a lunar eclipse. I spent some time with nice australian ladies on the rooftop deck and we were chatting since the moon was mostly behind the clouds. After about one hour everyone else gave up and went inside while the two nice ladies and myself chatted some more. As soon as everyone else was inside the moon came out. You can see the small red spot in the pic… 🙂IMG_2995

The next day I still had time till 4 PM to explore the city some more. So I went over to the botanical garden which is next to the Opera. Here are some impressions:IMG_3025 IMG_3027 IMG_3035 IMG_3070 IMG_3081 IMG_3090

Then I left the botanical garden and went over past this impressing building…IMG_3099

And then to St. Mary’sIMG_3106

This was an art installation of scenes from typical australian life. I liked them all but this one was my favourite.IMG_3116

From there it was back to my hotel, packing the rest of my stuff and then checking out, riding to the airport, checking in and fly over to Manado for 7 days of underwater-bliss in Lembeh… 🙂