Second day exploring Sydney – pics

07/10/2014 0 Von andiline

Today I went diving and I am a happy girl now because I found a Weedy Seadragon and that was what I had wished for. I am really thankful to the Abyss Scuba Diving in Sydney who chose the dive site because yesterday they had found 6 seadragons there. I found one and after that they were all hiding but one was enough for me! 🙂 Totally happy. Pics to come tomorrow.

Here are the pics from my exploring yesterday…Sydney does remind me a lot of New York with old and new buildings next to each other…

The Rocks… These houses reminded me a bit of New Orleans


This is why The Rocks is called The rocks 😉




I found that stretch-limo interesting (saw more of them with the little trailer)

IMG_2351 IMG_2358

This is a detail of the watch in the pic below.IMG_2380 Watch in the Queen Victoria shopping mall


Queen Victoria Shopping Mall


Queen Victoria Shopping MallIMG_2369

Not sure what this  building with the Eiffel Tower on top is supposed to be or mean. 😉


The pics are not in chronological order which is why the next 3 are from just after sunset when I went up to the rooftop of my hotel to take pics in the blue hour…

IMG_2511 IMG_2505 IMG_2499

This pic was in the afternoon when I took a walk with Vanessa Mignon, an underwater photographer who is sort of specialized in whalesIMG_2450

Vanessa and me on the rooftop of my hotelIMG_2444

Are you getting hungry by looking at that? I had a vanilla slice and it was DELICIOUS! 🙂 (thanks Vanessa! 😉 )IMG_2441



Pedestrian area


And the cupola of the Queen Elisabeth Shopping MallIMG_2400

Town Hall with a new skyscraper…