I have seen and heard a lot of things in the past weeks that I don’t like…. Pleeeeease, don’t make your guide feed a hairy frogfish just because you want a picture of it with the mouth open. The hairy frogfish will die when everyone does that (has happened). If other photographers are waiting for their turn on an interesting creature please don’t start to checking your pictures instead of letting someone else take his/her turn. Your pictures are not necessarily better than mine just because you have a bigger camera anyway… 😉 Don’t ask the guide to kill the creature after you have takenRead More →

Well, I’ve been in Lembeh for a couple of days now and absolutely LOVE it. I was used to my guide Sem from last year and he found lots of interesting stuff. Unfortunately he doesn’t work here any more so now I am diving with Sandy. Sandy found 10 pygmy seahorses yesterday on the afternoon dive and with the 5 others from the other guide we had 15 pygmy seahorses during that dive. Pretty amazing if you think that last year I saw only 4 of them in two weeks. I have realized that this year I see different things than I had last year.Read More →

Well, I guess I owe you an update. 🙂 After I felt pretty low yesterday morning I heard at breakfast that I will have my own bathroom in Lembeh too so I felt better. Spent the day in the hammock to give my ears a break. Being in a hammock all day is not the worst way to spend the day. 😉 Then it started to rain and I assume that the rain cleared the air of polls because my allergy instantly became better. So this morning I went back in the water and had two beautiful dives with my buddies Jackie and Hank fromRead More →

Well, I have had two perfect weeks in Raja Ampat and I was convinced that this would be a great vacation. But that changed when I arrived on Bunaken island in Sulawesi. When I was shown into my room it was like a bucket of cold water was splashed over me and the manager must have seen it on my face because she immediately asked me if something was wrong. Obviously my travel agency booked the budget room with shared bathroom for me instead of the bungalow that I thought I had booked. Since in all the paperwork it was called ‚cottage‘ I had noRead More →

Yeah, I had the best intentions but when you are in paradise you just get lazy. It was much better reading in the hammock or diving than updating blogs… now I have to pack and tomorrow morning at 5 I leave for Sulawesi. Can’t believe that two weeks are already over. Time went by so fast… But I have one pic for you. One of the beautiful sunsets (this was the best though).Read More →

Every day I say that ‚tomorrow I will do only 2 dives and spend the afternoon relaxing‘. And in the evening when the next day is being planned something comes up… (not that anyone sticks to any plan here but… 🙂 ). Maybe the day after tomorrow…Read More →

Well, maybe it was my mistake that the pics didn’t upload yesterday since I forgot the resize the pic that was never loaded…. This is a baby walking shark on our house reef. The pathway to the jetty is more interesting than some dives… 😉 We have lots of babies there. Further to the walking shark I see blacktip shark babies every day and lots of other stuff…. Aren’t those two beauties? And this batfish joined us on our deco stop… 😉 Well, and now the new ones from today. We were supposed to do one dive in the morning, return to the resort andRead More →

Well, it was a REALLY long was to Paradise but I finally made it. But towards the end I was tired and ready to never leave home again. We arrived in the dark so I didn’t really see anything from the resort. I am here with one other german and 6 australians. The staff has a german/canadian management and everyone else is indonesian. This morning when I went on my ‚balcony‘ for the first time I saw this: This is my view to the right… 😉 And these are all the bungalows…. There are even taxis at the resort…. 🙂 But some people really needRead More →

Since I started my trip yesterday and have some time to kill I will start with the report… 🙂 Left home yesterday morning, took the train to Frankfurt, from where I was supposed to fly to Singapore and then connect to Jacarta. The 11 hours flight to Singapore was loooong… I wasn’t able to sleep so I cursed myself for always booking those damned long distance flights… We arrived in Singapore a little bit later than planned but that was not a problem since I had enough time. Bought wound disinfectant that I had forgotten and walked over to the gate. We boarded the planeRead More →