Not happy

18/10/2011 0 Von andiline

Well, I have had two perfect weeks in Raja Ampat and I was convinced that this would be a great vacation. But that changed when I arrived on Bunaken island in Sulawesi. When I was shown into my room it was like a bucket of cold water was splashed over me and the manager must have seen it on my face because she immediately asked me if something was wrong. Obviously my travel agency booked the budget room with shared bathroom for me instead of the bungalow that I thought I had booked. Since in all the paperwork it was called ‚cottage‘ I had no clue that this was NOT the bungalow. The management here at the resort was great and made it possible for me to move into a bungalow but I am here only for 4 days and then the plan was to go over to the sister resort. I had been looking forward a lot to that last week, now I am thinking about going home early. If I think about how much money I have paid for that trip I am VERY mad. In addition to that I have problems with my ears and with the hayfever that I never had until this year (and because it is new to me I didn’t bring my allergy meds). Cranky right now…. 🙁 Hope that we will find a solution somehow. I have asked the travel agency to help me find a solution but so far didn’t hear back from them.