24/10/2011 0 Von andiline

Well, I’ve been in Lembeh for a couple of days now and absolutely LOVE it. I was used to my guide Sem from last year and he found lots of interesting stuff. Unfortunately he doesn’t work here any more so now I am diving with Sandy. Sandy found 10 pygmy seahorses yesterday on the afternoon dive and with the 5 others from the other guide we had 15 pygmy seahorses during that dive. Pretty amazing if you think that last year I saw only 4 of them in two weeks. I have realized that this year I see different things than I had last year. Although both vacations are/were in october. On the other hand the visibility is much better this year than it was last year and I am glad. We have had pretty amazing dives so far and I have a lot of cool pics. 🙂 Tomorrow I can move to a bungalow here as well so I am where I wanted to be in the first place. I think I might be back in Lembeh next october (after Raja Ampat no. 2 😉 ). There are always new things to see and I am always proud if I find stuff myself. Sandy needs to learn to listen when I call him under water though…. 😉 Pics will follow…

Right now a thunderstorm is roling in so we hurried back from the afternoon dive. Was just two divers anyway as most of the others are leaving tomorrow and the newly arrived guests obviously didn’t want to dive yet. I hope that the air gets cooler as my room was really hot. I am glad when I have the bungalow tomorrow… 🙂