20/10/2011 0 Von andiline

Well, I guess I owe you an update. 🙂 After I felt pretty low yesterday morning I heard at breakfast that I will have my own bathroom in Lembeh too so I felt better. Spent the day in the hammock to give my ears a break. Being in a hammock all day is not the worst way to spend the day. 😉 Then it started to rain and I assume that the rain cleared the air of polls because my allergy instantly became better. So this morning I went back in the water and had two beautiful dives with my buddies Jackie and Hank from Lousiana. There were those giant sponges and on the second dive we had the greatest turtle that I have ever seen and we were surrounded by fish. Absolutely great! After lunch Jackie, Hank and I had decided to walk over to ‚Bunaken-city‘. Of course the name is our joke as it actually is just a village. It was an interesting walk. The people here are so friendly. Everyone smiles at you and says hello. Of course I took pics in the village. 🙂

Something very sweet happened as well: I got a message from a german underwater photographer who is in the area as well and he offered me to help out with allergy meds. That was really nice and came totally unexpected for me. Fortunately I don’t need the meds right now but Jackie gave me some when I told her about the message. Thanks, Rolf, for offering to help. 🙂