Dear underwater photographers….

25/10/2011 0 Von andiline

I have seen and heard a lot of things in the past weeks that I don’t like….

Pleeeeease, don’t make your guide feed a hairy frogfish just because you want a picture of it with the mouth open. The hairy frogfish will die when everyone does that (has happened).

If other photographers are waiting for their turn on an interesting creature please don’t start to checking your pictures instead of letting someone else take his/her turn. Your pictures are not necessarily better than mine just because you have a bigger camera anyway… 😉

Don’t ask the guide to kill the creature after you have taken your pic only because nobody else should take a pic of that creature. This is plain STUPID!

Why clean creatures before taking pics? Here in Lembeh the black sand is nature and it belongs on the creatures.

Don’t chase fish, octopus and other creatures with your lights when they start to go away.

If you have a list of things you want to see – good. But nature does not always give you everything you want….  Putting pressure on a guide is not the solution –  be happy to have a reason for coming back.

Remember the ‚don’t touch, just look‘-rule!

There is probably more… I will add it when it comes to my mind.