Well, winter is not a good time to go outside and take pics. Light is mostly not good and often there is nothing you can take pics of… so I had the idea to set up a photostudio. I’ve had this idea already some time ago but never came around to do something about it. But last weekend I ordered a second flash and this morning I bought a small photostudio (just for small stuff). I had bought lots of christmas deco yesterday and so I started today to work with this. Here is one of the first results…. 😉Read More →

Today the christmas markets in Cologne have opened and I was itching to go and take pics. Since I had to tend to a couple of things at home I didn’t do it (but oh – that ham sandwich was soooooooooooooo good 😉 ). Tomorrow I am going to Zurich and will go and see what christmas decoration they have set up. Will do the photo tour here probably next week. We have 4 christmas markets in Cologne and I like them a lot. In 3 weeks I am going back to Paris and I hope that this year the weather will allow me toRead More →

Been back home for nearly a week now. Those 4 weeks in Indonesia were gone in a heartbeat. I had a great time, met a lot of interesting people, made new friends and had some nice experiences under water (above water too). 🙂 On the way back home I had to see a doc at the airport in Singapore but that was my own fault since I knew it was not a good idea to go diving when the ears are hurting but went in anyway… 😉 So, all in all I had a great vacation and came back totally relaxed. Let’s hope that theRead More →