… but today I went to the countryside and it was a little bit like a short vacation. Weather was not as great as predicted but it got better when the day went on. Again I found a spider and it was eating (or poisoning that poor bumblebee – don’t know). Then I tried to catch a bumblebee flying… not a perfect shot but I am learning… 🙂 After the BBQ my sister, her bf and myself went to the next village where they have a castle. In there we played ‚Peter Pan‘. My sister was Peter while her bf and I took the pics…Read More →

 Do notice something when you see those two pics? YES! This is a watercolour painting of one of my pics from Tulum/Mexico. The watercolour painting has been done by a wonderful artist named Barry (nick name Popeye) whom I met through an internet forum. I am proud that he chose one of my pics to make a piece of art out of it. I like it! Thanks Barry!Read More →

So, here we are. Already back from Egypt. Didn’t log in for a week since there was just NO time to go to an internet cafe…. Sooooo – one week ago on saturday afternoon some of us met here in Cologne to go with a small bus to the airport in Düsseldorf to meet the rest of the group and fly to Sharm El Sheik. Our group consisted of 37 divers from our dive-club here in Cologne. The flight times were bad as departure time was 9:35 PM but with a 1 hour time difference we arrived at 3:30 AM. The original plan had beenRead More →

Jeez, time flies by so fast. The day with Susan and Josef was really great. They were especially surprised with the spaghetti ice that Susan didn’t know. Had a surprising and unexpected meeting with the cardinal of Cologne (I’ve never seen that guy in person before :d). And here are Susan and Josef… It was great to spend some quality time with them. I was supposed to go to Paris the next day which didn’t happen thanks to swine flu. 🙁 So I was another week at home and on friday evening we decided to go diving again on sunday. During that dive it becameRead More →

Have had some good and bad things going on in the past weeks. The good news is that my health issues seem to be solved for now and I generally feel better since I stopped taking meds. The bad news is that they might be back. But I’ll think about that if and when that happens. 🙂 Bought a new lense last weekend (a fisheye) and planned on checking it out in Paris this week but thanks to the swine flu I had to cancel that trip. So this will have to wait. Last weekend I went diving for the first time this year andRead More →