Getting ready for Egypt…

14/05/2009 0 Von andiline

Jeez, time flies by so fast. The day with Susan and Josef was really great. They were especially surprised with the spaghetti ice that Susan didn’t know.


Had a surprising and unexpected meeting with the cardinal of Cologne (I’ve never seen that guy in person before :d).


And here are Susan and Josef…


It was great to spend some quality time with them. I was supposed to go to Paris the next day which didn’t happen thanks to swine flu. 🙁 So I was another week at home and on friday evening we decided to go diving again on sunday. During that dive it became clear that my new underwater flash housing was leaking. Since I am going to Egypt this saturday I wanted a housing that is NOT leaking. A lot of emails went back and forth in the past days and today I got a (hopefully) non-leaking housing back. It still needs more fixing but at least I can use it in Egypt which is the most important thing.

Two more days and we are off to Sharm El Sheik. Can’t wait! 🙂