Okay, okay, Egypt will follow soon…

31/05/2009 0 Von andiline

… but today I went to the countryside and it was a little bit like a short vacation. Weather was not as great as predicted but it got better when the day went on. Again I found a spider and it was eating (or poisoning that poor bumblebee – don’t know).

Then I tried to catch a bumblebee flying… not a perfect shot but I am learning… 🙂

After the BBQ my sister, her bf and myself went to the next village where they have a castle. In there we played ‚Peter Pan‘. My sister was Peter while her bf and I took the pics… 🙂

I loved it how the sunlight illuminated the lamps from behind…

And this was already on the way home. We saw several balloons and this was rather close to us. So when we had to wait at a traffic light I took the cam out and shot… 😉