Here are two more pics of that dive: When we got back to the hotel Gitta and I had some towel art in our room. Not sure why he made us a heart but I think it was because he didn’t know much else. 😀 After dinner we went for a walk again and I took this pic of ’shisha’s. This pic was cheaper than the one I took last year in Safaga. This time the guy owning the shop wanted only 1 Euro while last year the other one had asked for 2 Euro. Never paid anything though… *hehe*: The next morning we gotRead More →

The next morning it was off to the boat. We had two boats for us since we were a lot of people. On the boat we were informed that we had to dive ‚in a line behind the guide‘ meaning that the buddy teams had to get in a row and dive one team behind another. Not always fun… First we drove out though to the first dive spot. From the boat you could see that the coastline is plastered with hotels that mostly don’t have nice beaches (if they have any sand at all). Behind the hotels there is – just desert. We gotRead More →

Okay, let’s continue with Sharm El Sheikh. Here are a couple of pics from the house reef. This is a pyramide boxfish. Just fits for Egypt, does it? 😉 A pipe fish Catfish And I LOVE napoleon fish. We had no dive without one… And this is an absolutely gorgeous tree from within the hotel. And the pool area at night…Read More →

So, here we are. Already back from Egypt. Didn’t log in for a week since there was just NO time to go to an internet cafe…. Sooooo – one week ago on saturday afternoon some of us met here in Cologne to go with a small bus to the airport in Düsseldorf to meet the rest of the group and fly to Sharm El Sheik. Our group consisted of 37 divers from our dive-club here in Cologne. The flight times were bad as departure time was 9:35 PM but with a 1 hour time difference we arrived at 3:30 AM. The original plan had beenRead More →

Jeeez, what a trip…. we started punctually from our hotel in Safaga. Then at the next hotel that ‚kind‘ woman let us wait for half an hour till she finally deigned herself to get on the bus. Then we were supposed to get more people. The driver did get off the main road and we drove around a bit in the desert but he didn’t get into any of the hotels. Finally he got back on the road to Hurghada. Shortly before we were in Hurghada he turned around again and drove back to where we had come from. Turned out we had to stopRead More →

I know that time flies by when you are on vacation but that’s even faster if you go diving with a group of nice people. Took more pics diving and some dive sites were coverd with small orange fish which was a beautiful sight. Yesterday was supposed to be our non-diving day (you should not dive 24 hours before flying) but since we fly only late this afternoon I went down again twice. If I am lucky one of the girls at the shop will buy my wetsuit which I didn’t wear anymore yesterday. It always took me 15 minutes till I was inside andRead More →

Went two really beautiful dive sites today. On the second one I saw my first crocodile fish *yay* 😀 My buddy didn’t see it although I was taking pics, showed it to him and afterwards he said he hadn’t realized this was a fish. 🙂 There are so beautiful fish here. Lots of blue-dot rays, first turtle today and lots of fish I have never seen before. Went in with my new external flash for the first time this afternoon but I still have to learn a lot. On most pics yo don’t even see that I used a flash at all. 😀 Btw: dinnerRead More →

Well, just a short entry like as I wrote before: using the internet is rather expensive and our days are full anyway. After having found out the first evening that the food at the hotel is rather poor (no spices, no salt – it just feeds us) we found out this morning that for breakfast they do not seem to have enough cups. So eating breakfast is rather funny as you can play the game ‚which is the next person to explode‘ (being mad). 😀 The dives yesterday were not that much fun since we all had problems with how much weights we have toRead More →

Just put my dive gear together and was able to close the bag. Looks like I will have to buy a diver-suitcase soon. 🙂  Now the only thing to do is pack the suitcase. But this is not really a problem since we will be on the boat during the day so we don’t really need much stuff. The most important thing for me will be desinfection spray and band-aid since I am a living desaster. 😀 Guess I will start working on the dive pics from the Philippines to upload them to Helps to get in dive-mode for tomorrow as well… 🙂Read More →