Life is a rollercoaster…

03/05/2009 0 Von andiline

Have had some good and bad things going on in the past weeks. The good news is that my health issues seem to be solved for now and I generally feel better since I stopped taking meds. The bad news is that they might be back. But I’ll think about that if and when that happens. 🙂

Bought a new lense last weekend (a fisheye) and planned on checking it out in Paris this week but thanks to the swine flu I had to cancel that trip. So this will have to wait. Last weekend I went diving for the first time this year and tried out my new underwater housing. Fortunately I didn’t have a camera inside since I flooded it. 😉 Checked it out again yesterday in the pool and it was okay, no water in it. But I learned from it that I have to be very thorough and careful in order to not ruin my camera.

Now I am getting ready to show Cologne to friends from Atlanta/Georgia. They’ll arrive in about 3 hours and I hope the weather stays dry as it is not that much fun when it is raining.