Wish you all a happy Easter holiday. Weather has been nice here in Cologne the past two days but in the evening we had some pretty dramatic weather. I caught a dark red sunset very  late but not tooooooo late so I grabbed my cam and went upstairs to take pics. In this pic you already see the dark clouds. Just as I had settled in for a Jane Austen-evening, there was lightning outside so I set up my tripod on one of my windows and tried to get pics of that. Took more than 100 but only one of them had actually lightning inRead More →

Yeah, I admit it: I abolutely LOVE Creme brulee…. 🙂 And as far as this is concerned Paris is creme brulee-heaven. Whenever I am here I eat creme brulee at least once. Last time I was in a brasserie where it was set on fire in front of me so it was more creme flambee instead of creme brulee. Just had one again and the creme was heaven… yesterday I did have a new creme brulee experience though. We were in a restaurant where I read on the menue that is was ‚custard cream on spices‘. Didn’t know what it meant but ordered it anyway.Read More →