Short one before we go home

14/04/2008 0 Von andiline

I know that time flies by when you are on vacation but that’s even faster if you go diving with a group of nice people. Took more pics diving and some dive sites were coverd with small orange fish which was a beautiful sight. Yesterday was supposed to be our non-diving day (you should not dive 24 hours before flying) but since we fly only late this afternoon I went down again twice. If I am lucky one of the girls at the shop will buy my wetsuit which I didn’t wear anymore yesterday. It always took me 15 minutes till I was inside and we found out that it is too small.

Went to Hurghada yesterday as I had to buy the HRC pin for Bob and I am pretty sure the guys at the shop ripped me off. But I have it now (they told me it was sold out and sold me the ‚private‘ one of one of them for probably twice the price).

Since I am going to Paris tomorrow more tales and pics will come on friday when I am back home (if I am not too tired).