Diving in Egypt…

09/04/2008 0 Von andiline

Well, just a short entry like as I wrote before: using the internet is rather expensive and our days are full anyway.

After having found out the first evening that the food at the hotel is rather poor (no spices, no salt – it just feeds us) we found out this morning that for breakfast they do not seem to have enough cups. So eating breakfast is rather funny as you can play the game ‚which is the next person to explode‘ (being mad). 😀

The dives yesterday were not that much fun since we all had problems with how much weights we have to take into the water and it was very windy with rough water.

Today it was calmer and it was nice to see the view of the land behind the hotels. Basically there is nothing but dust. It is all very even and then suddenly you have the hills. I will post pics of that next week. The water in the place where we dove today was all turqouise and blue and green. Beautiful colours. Diving today was much more exciting but on the first dive I came up like a rocket without being able to make my safety stop. On the boat I found that I had lost one of my weight-bags which are in my jacket. Fortunately two guys went back in and found it….

I have some beautiful pics from today… so – stay tuned. 😀