First day on the boat

06/06/2009 0 Von andiline

The next morning it was off to the boat. We had two boats for us since we were a lot of people. On the boat we were informed that we had to dive ‚in a line behind the guide‘ meaning that the buddy teams had to get in a row and dive one team behind another. Not always fun…

First we drove out though to the first dive spot. From the boat you could see that the coastline is plastered with hotels that mostly don’t have nice beaches (if they have any sand at all). Behind the hotels there is – just desert.

We got ready and jumped in for our first boat dive. Saw some really nice things there (but I am not yet finished with working on the pics of that dive)… unfortunately the colours are not that nice but I wanted to get familiar with the cam and the housing first before I started using the flash as well.

Towards the end of that dive I realized that my cold had gotten so bad that I’d been stupid to do the second dive of that day. During the lunch break it was so hot that even the captain jumped in the water in his jeans.

When everybody else jumped in in the afternoon I stayed on the boat (I think I was the first sick one of that trip…). I took a couple of pics though… 😉