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15/04/2008 0 Von andiline

Jeeez, what a trip…. we started punctually from our hotel in Safaga. Then at the next hotel that ‚kind‘ woman let us wait for half an hour till she finally deigned herself to get on the bus. Then we were supposed to get more people. The driver did get off the main road and we drove around a bit in the desert but he didn’t get into any of the hotels. Finally he got back on the road to Hurghada. Shortly before we were in Hurghada he turned around again and drove back to where we had come from. Turned out we had to stop at two more hotels where the people had been waiting for over one hour. Of course we arrived at the airport late (but not too late) and then the next nuisance came when the guys who were just getting our suitcases out of the bus (which was just one movement for them) held on to our suitcases and asked for 1 Euro (they refused to take 50 cents) before handing them out. First of all this was way too much for what they were doing and secondly my two bags were at different sides of the bus and the second guy got nothing. Most of the other ones didn’t give anything since that demanding behaviour did annoy us. If someone renders me a service I am glad to give a tip but that was just pure ripping off. The guy putting the suitcases on the belt at the security check held his hand open as well…. hey, I am not supposed to have any money in my pockets!

The flight was sort of quiet till we heard the announcement that a doctor was being looked for. Since we had one with us we heard afterwards that we were very close to an unplanned landing in Budapest but our doctor told the pilot that although he couldn’t guarantee anything but in his oppinion the sick person would make it till Düsseldorf. And in fact the ambulance was already waiting for him there. Not sure he had a stroke. But this just shows that doctors are never on vacation…