Short one from today

10/04/2008 0 Von andiline

Went two really beautiful dive sites today. On the second one I saw my first crocodile fish *yay* 😀 My buddy didn’t see it although I was taking pics, showed it to him and afterwards he said he hadn’t realized this was a fish. 🙂

There are so beautiful fish here. Lots of blue-dot rays, first turtle today and lots of fish I have never seen before. Went in with my new external flash for the first time this afternoon but I still have to learn a lot. On most pics yo don’t even see that I used a flash at all. 😀

Btw: dinner was better yesterday. The cook even used SALT! 😉 And this morning we did have cups on our table. The people coming later had problems again since there were either no cups or no coffee. 😀

More to come not sure when though since we might go to Hurghada tomorrow (have to buy a pin at the HArd Rock Cafe for my buddy Bob in Winnipeg) and on saturday we will have a barbeque at the dive shop-