The next morning Marianne comes and gets us. In addition to being a tour guide she drives a taxi so she is driving us to the airport. Our 20 minutes flight to Sorkjosen is uneventful. Anja from Northern Explorers comes and gets us. We drive to the supermarket first to get some supplies for the boat and then we go to the Pa Taket Kafe. I have my first piece of cake (yumm :D) while Claudia and Markus take a walk to explore Sorkjosen. Since I have been there twice before and there is nothing really worth walking over to I stay at the cafe until we can go on our boat. The Duen is a 20 meter sailing vessel that we are staying on for whale watching. Soon it gets dark and we leave the boat to check for northern lights. And in fact – there is green in the sky. But it is not dancing like we had seen two days before so after a while we go back to the boat to wait for the rest of the group. Dinner is on board and I have to say that the food on board is really good. I am not the easiest eater but there was nothing that I didn’t eat or that wasn’t good.

The next morning we leave the harbour early as we have to sail out of Reijafjord. I love the winter light in Norway even if the sun is not out so I enjoy the trip. And then we see the first group of orcas. Unfortunately there are too many boats around so later we go on to find a group ‚just for us‘. And we find one. With very curious orcas who do a lot of spy-hopping. When it gets dark we sail over to Skjervoy – a little village that I have heard a lot about already but haven’t been there before. Unfortunately it is not possible to walk over to the village because the streets are pure ice. But we have northern lights again so we leave the boat to take pictures. 🙂