Today I am not going to tell you a lot but just let the pics tell the story. First there are some pics of the resort and the sunsets. And then dive pics. We were at the house reef this morning and this afternoon we went back to yesterday’s dive-site. Tomorrow I will have to tell you more again as tonight I will go to another event (just not sure how good the pics will be as I didn’t know that they are holding that ceremony after dark). Btw. the last pic is a cloud of eggs. We already saw something like this yesterday… itRead More →

So I arrived at my ‚home‘ for the next ten days yesterday afternoon. I enjoyed the sunset during happy hour with a glass of wine and intended to come back for dinner but then I wasn’t hungry so I just went to sleep. And it was the first night of this vacation that I really slept and that till 6 AM… so that is good. Still not hungry for breakfast but I had two dives scheduled so I ate some toast. And then to the dive-center where we did the formalities. This dive shop is the only one on the island and has been openedRead More →

While I just enjoyed my first sunset on the island of Tanna (where I will stay for 10 days) I sorted the pics from this morning. Since my flight to Tanna was only in the afternoon I had booked the tour to Ekasup Village which is another Kastom Village in Efate and I am really happy that I did that. It was so interesting. There was much less dancing than I would have thought but that was no problem as we got a lot of other information. For once I was not the only tourist seeing the show but a couple from Adelaide was thereRead More →

After another a bit sleepless night I had another cold shower and unfortunately it looks like the moscitos thought I was breakfast. My entire back is full of moscito bites. 🙁 The downside of outdoor-life…. For breakfast sweet Em had even brought coffee for me. I saw the cargo ship come by and it was strange to see that they had the tailboard open and people were sitting on it. At 10 my transport was supposed to come but the boat (the yellow one on the pictures) was there already and since I was ready anyway we left a bit early. Initially the sea wasRead More →

Since the truck was going to get us at 8 AM I had to get up early again. Problem was that I hadn’t slept well. First of all the rats kept me awake and then I got a strong headache (probably due to the blazing sun during the boat transfer). I didn’t like the rat-thing but I had known in advance that this was probably going to happen. When I got up I had a cold shower… thing is – if you don’t sleep in a bungalow with rats and no electricity and just cold water you don’t know the real Vanuatu! 😉 What IRead More →

I had to get up very early to fly out to Ambrym as the flight was at 7 AM. Turned out that it was too early to get any coffee at the hotel and the cafe at the domestic terminal at Port Vila airport is closed until further notice… So no coffee for me but I survived. 😉 The flight started earlier than 7 AM, they probably wait for everyone to be there and then they just go… the plane was a Twin Otter and it was funny because I could see what the pilots were doing. We had to stop at two more airportsRead More →

This morning I went to see another ROM-dance and again I was fascinated by the costumes. Here is a pic of Freddie (he is the owner of the bungalow I am staying in) and the village-chief from Fanlan. Fanlan is the village where I saw today’s dance.Read More →

Today will be only a short entry. I need to save battery, I am tired and I am busy… 😉 So just a teaser for the reports to come. This is why I wanted to come to Ambrym… I already saw the ROM-dance in one village today but will see it again tomorrow in another village. The costumes are what fascinated me so much…Read More →

Since I couldn’t dive any more today (my flight is at 7 AM tomorrow morning) I had booked a tour around the island. There is only one street around the island (meaning you can’t just cut short by going in the middle…). I had thought about going with a tour bus but then I wouldn’t have been free with taking pics whenever I wanted and whenever I saw something interesting. And it was a good decision. The tour guide/driver came to get me at 8:30 AM and then we went to Mele beach first. There is a small market and an older woman approached us.Read More →

Today I did two more dives on Efate. The first one was on a wreck called the Star of Russia. It is 80 m long and 13 metres wide and in it’s days it was a sail-boat with the 3 masts. It was built in 1874 and sunk in Port Vila around 1953. A lot of parts have disappeared over the years so that it is becoming a skeleton. 😉 Unfortunately the visibility was really bad and since the ship is in around 35 metres there was not a lot of light. So the pics are not the best ones. We did the second diveRead More →

Today I did three dives and they were much nicer than the ones yesterday. We went to dive-sites that had not been totally destroyed by cyclone PAM last year. It was good to see corals that are actually alive and kicking. We started in some kind of cave and afterwards the visbility was incredible. I tried to catch that in one of the pics with the divers. Unfortunately a lot of stuff was swimming in the water so there is lots of backscatters on the pics (the whitish spots). Two of my three co-divers today were… german. 😀 Didn’t really expect that. But they liveRead More →

Let me start with telling you about dinner yesterday… the restaurant is to the left and the right of the pool. When I went downstairs yesterday I found that on the right where they seated me we were four single women and one guy and the ‚more than one‘-tables were on the other side. What did strike me as quite funny was that all women had the same position of chair at the table of four while the only single guy had the position at the opposite side of his table. No idea why all the women somehow chose the same seat at their table…Read More →

Last night I was asleep by 9 o’clock but this morning at 3 my body thought that it needed to wake up… yeah, sleepless in Vanuatu… 😉 I will get used to it. Tonight I will stay awake longer. Breakfast is a small buffet here and they have pancakes in fish-form. Of course I had to have that. 😉 I wanted a cappuccino and asked for it but the girl looked at me with big eyes and my cappuccio never came. Not a problem. I saw later that they have Tanna-caffee. Tanna is the third island I am going to visit here and I knewRead More →

After a looooooong trip I finally arrived in Port Vila yesterday afternoon. While standing in line for immigration I could already hear the music and when I had my bags and left I looked into the smiling faces of these singing women… Georgette, whom I already knew from two years ago, was already waiting for me. I bought a SIM-card for my modem (only to find out later that my modem is not compatible with Vanuatu-SIM-cards 🙁 ) and then we were off to my hotel. Along the way I could already see part of the damage that cyclon PAM left in her wake lastRead More →

Sitting on the airport in Singapore on my way to Vanuatu. Next stop Brisbane and in about 16 hours I should be in Vanuatu. Can’t believe that the time has finally come to go back as I have been looking forward to this trip for more than a year. I flew the part Frankfur-Singapore in Premium Economy and it was a bit more comfortable but knowing Singapore Airlines somehow I expected a bit more… anyway, I was able to sleep for most of the time and that is the most important thing. 🙂Read More →

I know that I am very late with pics from Sardinia but before I leave again for my next trip here are some memories. I know that my sensor was dirty and I had it cleaned after I got back home.  Read More →

Yesterday we went on a day excursion to Luxembourg to visit with ‚adopted‘ family. We had been promising for many years that we’d come for a visit but somehow we never did. Yesterday was the ’now or never‘-occasion… since the visit was rather spontaneous I didn’t have time to research Luxembourg and I didn’t know anyway if we would see anything at all because priority was seeing the extended family. Therefore I didn’t know what to expect. My italian brother went on a tour with us though and I have to say that I really enjoyed seeing Luxembourg. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate but IRead More →