Ambrym, day 2

Ambrym, day 2

27/09/2016 0 Von andiline

Since the truck was going to get us at 8 AM I had to get up early again. Problem was that I hadn’t slept well. First of all the rats kept me awake and then I got a strong headache (probably due to the blazing sun during the boat transfer). I didn’t like the rat-thing but I had known in advance that this was probably going to happen. When I got up I had a cold shower… thing is – if you don’t sleep in a bungalow with rats and no electricity and just cold water you don’t know the real Vanuatu! 😉 What I find fascinating though is that on the smaller islands they often don’t have electricity and mostly not running water either – but nearly everyone has a cell phone. Don’t misunderstand me, I think they really need their mobile phones but it is some kind of contradiction in itself.

When the truck arrived I got tourist class again. I was a bit embarrassed because someone got out to give the seat to me who obviously lost part of one leg. But he told me that he would just wait till the truck returned. I was still embarrassed but that is how the Ni-Vanuatu (locals) are. When we arrived at the Fanlan-village it turned out that Freddy had left a message that we were coming but the message had not been passed on. So the chief hadn’t known we were coming. Since people were out in their gardens planting yams they were not able to get all the guys to dance for me.
After we waited for a while we were finally called over to the ’show place‘ where the ROM-dance was about to take place. This one was much longer than the Olal-one. The costumes were not that different but the sticks they were using to make the music/noise were different. Again I really enjoyed the show. During the show at some point the school had a break since the kids turned up at the ’show place‘. For them the dancers were not the attraction but they were focussed on me. After the show it was once again ‚Posing-time‘ for some more pics. I took pics in the Fanlan-village as well because it is a typical village of the smaller Vanuatu-islands.

Since Freddy somehow couldn’t reach the truck we walked back to the bungalows. It was a steep path and I was really glad that I didn’t have to walk that uphill…
I spent the afternoon relaxing and watching little Andrea (my 3 year old namesake) playing on the beach and schlepping around cooking pans for her mom. Andrea was a little cutie… 🙂 And reminded me of my niece.

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